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June 29 update about masks, admittance ticket, and mock exam

Hello everyone!
Remember that item I posted about the July 2022 FAQ document being replaced with info about Clear Health Pass/Mask Mandate that was copied and pasted from a bar exam page shortly before the February 2022 exam?  As in, dates included late January and early February?

Well, that was short.  Less than a few hours later, it’s gone.  So the April 14 FAQ is now back where it belonged, and no updates have issued.

So as of June 29, no need to upload vaccination status anywhere.

As of June 29, masks aren’t required for the July 2022 Cal Bar Exam.  I strongly recommend you wear one for 3- to 3-1/2 hours a day just in case LA County announces a mask mandate that would begin July 15-22.

If the weekly Cal Bar Friday update indicates, final answer, no masks required (on July 1, 8, 15), then stop wearing a mask.

If the weekly Cal Bar Friday update on July 22 (the Friday before the exam) says masks are optional, then you can take off your mask.

Admittance tickets and mock exams are theoretically available as of Tuesday.  Evidently these are distributed in batches over the next week.  Call the Cal Bar if you don’t have your admittance ticket by July 5.

Remember, you MUST complete the mock exam by July 22, otherwise you won’t be admitted to the exam.  And who wants that?





Alameda County rescinds mask mandate. LA may institute one in mid-July

Hello everyone.


Well, that was fast!  Alameda County is rescinding its mask mandate, effective Saturday, June 25.


Per the LA Times:


Three weeks after becoming the first California county to reinstitute a mask mandate in most indoor public settings amid climbing coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, Alameda County has rescinded the order — citing improving conditions.

The move, effective at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, coincides as the San Francisco Bay Area’s second most populous county progresses from the high to medium COVID-19 community transmission level as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


So that means no chance of wearing a mask on exam day, right?  Not so fast.  LA County estimated that it would reinstitute a mask mandate in late June.  Then that estimate moved to early July due to lagging reporting during the Memorial Day weekend.  Now, the estimate is mid-July.  Per the LA Times:

Health officials in Los Angeles County have said they would reimpose a public indoor mask mandate should the region fall in the high COVID-19 community level for two consecutive weeks. That category, the worst on the CDC’s three-tier scale, indicates not only significant community transmission but also that hospital systems may grow strained by coronavirus-positive patients.

Based on current hospitalization trends, L.A. County would likely not reach that category until mid-July.

However, that projection is “based on that assumption of a continued rate of increase that doesn’t change, and that’s really impossible to predict,” said Dr. Paul Simon, chief science officer for the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that we may level off and, in the best of all worlds, we will begin to see a decline in hospital admissions sooner rather than later,” he told reporters Thursday. “But it is hard to predict.”

Hmmm… “must be in the high COVID-19 community level for two consecutive weeks.”  “Not reach that category until mid-July”.

So what does the Cal Bar do?  Are we going to escape scot-free?  Or will there be an announcement of a mask mandate in LA County and prompt the Cal Bar to mandate masks days before the bar exam?  Who knows?

For the second consecutive week, the Cal Bar issued a Friday email and noted that masks are optional for the exam.

I still recommend that students wear masks for 3- to 3-1/2 hours a day.  If you see an email from the Cal Bar on Friday, July 22, and you see that masks are still optional, then laugh as you take it off (or if you are inclined to keep it on, you can).  But if LA County comes back with a mask mandate on July 20, or 22, or 24, and the Cal Bar is forced to email you that masks are mandatory, what will you do?  Would you prefer to have practiced wearing a mask for hours at a time for a month?  Or have no recent experience with it, and touch your mask 70 times over a three-hour period, and be super distracted?

I don’t know what the final answer is here.  Do you?  Would you prefer to have a plan B, just in case?

Tread carefully, friends.  Good luck to you as continue your preparation for the exam.







February 2022 Exam Percentile Table

Applicants will find this to be of interest:

The overall pass rate was 33.9%.

The Percentile Table shows us some relevant info:

45% scored higher than 1340.

40% scored over 1355.

35% scored higher than 1382.

30% scored higher than 1400.

The overall pass line is 1390, and you need more than 1350 to get a re-read.

So… roughly 32.5% passed on the first read.  About 10% of the applicant pool got a second read, and the second read appears to have increased the pass rate by roughly 1.4%.



Mean MBE score for February 2021 exam higher than February 2020

National Mean of 134.0 for February 2021 MBE

The national Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) mean scaled score for February 2021 was 134.0, an increase of about 1.4 points from the February 2020 mean of 132.6. 16,759 examinees took the MBE in February 2021; of those, 1,665 took the MBE in the 18 jurisdictions that administered the exam in person, and 15,094 took the MBE in the 33 jurisdictions that administered the exam remotely. February 2021 had about 12% fewer examinees compared to the 19,122 who sat in February 2020.[1]

Reliability for the February 2021 exam was 0.93, slightly higher than the reliability for February 2020. (Reliability is an indicator of the consistency of a set of examination scores, with a maximum value of 1.0.)


Graph shows the February MBE national mean scaled scores from 2017 through 2021.