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So why is your tutor only teaching a portion of it? My bespoke, 1-on-1 tutoring program has been painstakingly developed over the last 20 years to cover everything you need to know to pass the UBE or California Bar exam, with expert guidance on all three phases of the test.
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One-of-a-Kind Tutoring

Other bar exam tutoring companies are just that: companies.

There may be a CEO at the helm of the company who knows a lot about the bar exam, but they delegate the actual tutoring to additional “experts” and “specialists.” Even worse, the grading of your essays and PTs is often passed off to former or even current law students.

And when you do manage to find a true 1-on-1 bar exam tutor, odds are good that you will not be getting guidance on all three phases of the exam.

Two years ago, I was told that I am the only 1-on-1 tutor in California (and one of only three nationally) who focuses on all three parts of the exam.

Bar Prep For the Entire Exam

If you only had to pass a portion of the bar exam, then it might make sense for your tutor to only focus on part of it.

My tutoring program was developed to give you everything you need to know to pass the bar—essays, PTs, and the MBE.

I’ve heard some reports that other tutors provide a 15% off coupon for Adaptibar and call that “MBE tutoring.” At 50% of the total bar exam, the MBE is the hardest part of the test for many aspiring lawyers. You want next-level tutoring and they pass the buck to someone else?

Some call that tutoring. I call that negligence.

1-on-1 Essay Tutoring
How to spot an issue, outline the essay response, and present the answer
1-on-1 PT Tutoring
How to read the Task Memo, inventory the Library, outline the answer, and finish faster!
1-on-1 MBE Tutoring
One of only a handful of 1-on-1 MBE tutors in the country! See the difference that 1-on-1 tutoring makes.

For decades, the biggest reason students fail essays, and perhaps fail the Cal Bar Exam overall, is that they cannot spot enough issues to pass California’s demanding essays.

Yet if you ask your law school professors how to spot more issues on exams, they will tell you the same thing: do enough essays and you’ll be fine.

The professor may be well-intended, but that advice simply doesn’t work.

Bar exam essays don’t work by osmosis! You can know all the rules, and IRAC like a boss, but if you can’t spot the issue, none of that matters. What you need is a tried and testing system that allows you to spot issues instantly.

This is the system I invented back in February 2000. The system that helped me (finally) pass the California Bar exam.

I then published The Trigger List in 2008 with more than 150 essays’ worth of triggers! To date, there isn’t even a weak imitator of its kind on the market.

Practice makes perfect…but you have to make sure you’re practicing it the right way. Which is why I give custom feedback on how you can get better at issue spotting and IRAC-ing.

The industry standard for feedback tends to be 10-40 words that ultimately boils down to “IRAC better.” In most cases, this feedback isn’t from the head of the program, but a former (or even current) student!

With my program, you’ll receive a minimum of 200-300 words on each of the 15 essays (one per subject). In the beginning of the program, I tend to provide 1,500-2,000 words of feedback, as this is when you need it the most.

As many have said, one of mine is worth a program of theirs.

Performance Test

There’s only one PT, but that one test carries a lot of weight (equal to two essays).

So does that mean I have a complicated strategy that involves five different colored highlighters and expert knowledge of origami? Nope.

My simple, yet highly effective foundation lecture will show you how to ace the PT and avoid Scrolling Hell.

My method will teach you how to take inventory of the Library, the File, and the Outline, and the 10 things to look for in the inventory of the Library (you’ll read about ⅓ less than you would expect to).

I’ve also taken some of the most notable PT types from the old 3-hour format and truncated them to a 90-minute appropriate exercise. That background was result-changing in February 2020, when students saw a PT type that was unique to the 90-minute exam format (July 2017-present): the Respond-To-The-Document PT. Many applicants wilted under the pressure, but my students were ready.

Where do I get my information? Straight from the source.

I take the first 45 minutes of each PT so I can see where people struggled and why. And during the never-ending October 2020 exam season, I invented a method to avoid Scrolling Hell. I simulated an entire exam (the notoriously difficult February 2020 PT), and my method helped me finish 10 minutes early.


What if you knew ahead of time that there were seven different ways they test burglary? Eight different ways they test mortgages? What if you knew how to handle the dreaded Rule Against Perpetuities?

With my MBE Primers and Flowcharts book, you receive contextual help on 35 issue areas throughout all eight subject areas. I also have a specific plan about how to eliminate incorrect answer choices, how to protect your exam, and various tricks to help you choose between two answers. I address this in my Enhanced MBE Program, which is available in my 3- and 4-month tutoring programs. (The Civ Pro lecture in particular is legendary!)

No matter what, my program is customized to your specific needs—what you need to know and what you struggle with—to give you the biggest bang for your buck and the best chance for success.

Does it work?

Ready to Get Started?

You want to ace this exam, but let’s face it…passing the bar isn’t the finish line. What you want is a start to a successful law career.

The best lawyers aren’t cookie cutter versions of every other law school graduate. So why study that way?

With my program, you’ll receive customized, 1-on-1 tutoring on all three parts of the bar exam. Tutoring that’s specific to what you absolutely need to know. You’ll learn how to score higher, finish faster, and avoid retakes so you can get started on the next phase of your career.

Sounds good, right? So why wait? I’m excited to meet you.

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Recent Testimonials

Devika Sagar, Esq.

I cannot endorse Steven Harris enough! He helped me pass the California Bar Exam on my first attempt. His style of teaching was very effective for my learning style and I appreciated his outlines. I have gone through many outlines and rule books but I have to say that Steven’s study materials were very well organized and made the most sense. The material was also organized in a way to help me easily memorize the rules prior to the exam. I remember opening up the first page of the essay portion of the exam and internally screaming “Yes! I got this!” There were moments during the tutoring process where I felt unsure and not confident that I had the ability to pass, but Steven reassured me and helped guide me on my weak points. Overall I’d say that the one-on-one guidance and attention during bar prep is unmatched and is extremely beneficial to passing the California Bar Exam on the first try!

Gabrielle Sue

Hi Professor. Not sure if you remember me, but I took your Critical Studies I class at UC Hastings in Fall 2021. I didn’t mention it at the time, but I was actually set to take the February 2022 exam, not the July exam like most folks in the class. Well, I just wanted to say THANK YOU because I got the results a few weeks ago and I passed. I know I don’t get the score breakdown, so it’s entirely possible that my MBE score had carried me, but I can’t help but think that taking your writing class allowed me to succeed. It definitely helped me jump into studying right away because I didn’t have to spend time learning what bar graders look for, or how to approach the PT. The Evidence Boilerplate came in handy on February’s test for sure, and I basically did all my PR rule memorization from your book. The boilerplate definitely helped for efficiency, but I also remembered the advice about time management–I was strict with my timing even on that essay, especially since the PT was in the same session. I’m so glad I decided to take your class!

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