How It Works
The bar exam isn’t designed to be easy
But you already knew that, right? That’s how you ended up here in the first place.

Over the last two decades, I’ve tutored students for law school and bar exams and have helped them deal with a variety of issues that challenge their ability to pass the bar: birth, death, non-supportive parents, low self-esteem, travel, accommodations, sick/dying pets, new relationships, ending relationships, addiction, anxiety, even watching too many World Cup matches (true story)!

And in all that time, I have yet to find one person who was unable to benefit from my strategies. (Even the World Cup guy passed the bar!)

The bar exam isn’t designed to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Bar Tutoring
Acing the Essays

Problem: I can’t seem to spot issues on the essays.

My Strategy: I got you.

My day-by-day calendar ensures that you are exposed to every essay type–every single subject for the last 25 years. Exposure to all essay types helps with issue spotting. But I provide an even more valuable coping strategy: triggers.

Triggers are words and phrases–not sentences, paragraphs, or full fact patterns–that act as clues to help you spot issues instantly. I also provide a copy of The Trigger List, my book that includes over 150 essays with words and phrases to help you understand how to implicate every issue, on every exam.

By the time you get to Essay Review Week, issues will look like grapefruits on the exam!

Problem: I’m terrible at outlining.

My Strategy: The first step is identifying your Outlining Personality.

Some people outline for far too long. Some are too busy creating Picassos instead of outlining (been there, done that!). Others do the opposite and outline for three minutes before they panic and just write the answer (hello, minimalists!). And then there’s the 1 percenters. They don’t suck at outlining…they just don’t do it!

I’ve taught Legal Writing at Hastings for 21 years and used my experience to develop an Exam Outlining Webinar that will help you learn to outline better.
For those of you who outline way too long, I’ve got a plan. For you minimalists out there, I’ve got a plan. And for the 1%-ers who don’t outline, I’ve got a plan for you too!

The people who outline way too much are easy to help. I start by weaning them off of full sentences. Then, I help them organize the outline better by focusing on one element per line, one line per element, and practicing the method over 70-80 essays.

For the pure minimalist, it’s about reassuring them that it’s OK (necessary, in fact!) to outline for more than three minutes. You simply can’t keep all that information in your head! I get them to practice taking their time, doing away with full sentences, and organizing their answer.

My coping mechanism works because I help you outline better on the front end, but I ALSO help you write more efficiently on the back end and ensure that you finish the exam on time.

Problem: I can’t finish essays on time.

My Strategy: My outlining solution makes this a snap. Part of the issue is to help students outline more efficiently (longer outlines in less time) so they have enough time to write up the answer.

But, as noted above, the solution is also about helping students get in and out of issues more efficiently so they can finish the exam on time. And, due to the COVID exam schedule, you gotta finish the exam on time! (You only have 60 minutes to finish the essay before it’s yanked away from you.)

Between the day-by-day calendar, my outlining webinar, lectures, a memorization program, and my book Winnin’ Time!, you can finish on time, too!

Problem: I don’t know what to do about Scrolling Hell on essays!

My Strategy: I invented a simple, effective plan to solve that most severe, challenging problem. And it’s covered during our Essay Writing Lecture so you can see how it all comes together.

Problem: I had a bad professor, and I hate evidence! I can’t figure out how to handle those essays!

My Strategy: My Evidence Boilerplate in WINNIN’ TIME! is undefeated in 18 years of testing at the law school and bar exam level. I install the plan early on in the tutoring program and do quality control to ensure you learn it.

By the time you reach exam day, you’ll realize that you are praying for an Evidence question because you’re so prepared!

Bar Tutoring
Passing Performance Tests

Problem: I don’t have a plan for the PTs.

My Strategy: I don’t just have a plan. I have the most simplistic plan in the industry. I help you read about ⅓ less in the Library (all students, including the learning disabled students, LOVE me for it!). I tell you the 10 things to look for the Inventory of the Library and reduce the PT to a scavenger hunt. (And I help you avoid Scrolling Hell!)

Problem: I have a plan but it’s too complicated.

My Strategy: Drop the paper clips. Forget about five-highlighter strategies. Drop the folding pieces of paper plans. And no need for NDA’s here, folks. If you need to sign an NDA to do a PT, the method is too complicated!

The brilliance is in the simplicity.

Problem: Are the rumors about Scrolling Hell true?

My Strategy: The bad news? Yes, the rumors are true.

The good news? I invented a plan to avoid it!

Problem: I spend way too long on the Inventory section of the Library.

My Strategy: This is one of the biggest problems on PTs, both in the days of the three-hour PTs and the newer 90-minute version.

Lots of reading may have helped you as a paralegal or during the first year of law school, but it will only take up valuable time on the bar exam.

I’ll show you how to read ⅓ less than you’re used to and excel while doing it. You’ll know what to read, what not to read, and how to save time.

Problem: I take far too long to outline my answer.

My Strategy: This is the second biggest problem on the PT. Students take too long to outline their answer, leaving them no time to write the actual answer (and generate points). My method helps students solve their outlining problems.

Bar Tutoring
Owning the MBE

Problem: I don’t have a plan on the MBEs.

My Strategy: Read the facts first or the question stem/answer choices? Choose an answer first or eliminate wrong answers? My foundation lecture will provide the answers you need.

Also, the phenomenal MBE Primers and Flowcharts book provides next-level solutions from a common-sense, context-based tutoring model. Only for students in my tutoring programs!

Problem: I take far too long on each question.

My Strategy: First, we need to identify the underlying reason that you can’t stay on schedule. Is it a reading comprehension problem? Self-esteem issues? A bad professor?

Next, I’ll tell you which questions you can guess on and show you that extra time doesn’t always mean more points.

Finally, I provide further strategies for what to do on those excessively long Contracts and Property MBE questions.

Problem: I don’t know the tips and tricks on how to improve on MBEs.

My Strategy: I provide extensive coverage on this topic in the 3- and 4-month programs. But for 2-month program students, we cover this after the foundation lectures on Essay Writing and PT Writing. I also go over specific MBEs you’re doing and struggling with.

Part of what I do here is help you get in the test-drafter’s head and understand how they write MBE questions and craft incorrect answer choices. Once you do that, you can learn why certain words are in the fact patterns, how to eliminate two answer choices, and how to arrive at the best answer choice. And my Civ Pro MBE lecture is unparalleled in the industry.

Bar Tutoring
Overcoming the Psychology of Failure

Problem: My life is getting in the way of studying for the bar.

My Strategy: You’re not the first to say this!

I’ve had students who gave birth and need some time off to adjust to being a new parent before continuing on with the program. I’ve had students give birth two weeks before the test…during a pandemic…while studying in Europe (and pass)!

I’ve had students who were dealing with the end of a relationship. A loved one who was hospitalized. An animal that got sick or passed. Exam anxiety. A study group that didn’t go as a student hoped. Parents who weren’t supportive. Addictions. Low self-esteem. Learning disabilities. Autism.

No matter what you’re dealing with, I’ve seen it and I’ve developed a way to work around it.

Problem: I can’t seem to get over the fact that I haven’t passed yet. It’s all I think about. My parents and significant other wouldn’t understand, so I don’t talk about it.

My Strategy: I have a simple yet effective plan to help you break this habit. It may not work the first 30-40 times you try it, but with persistence, you’ll be in good shape before exam day.

Bar Tutoring
Ready to Get Started?

My bar exam tutoring program isn’t just a system of strategies. It’s a toolbox filled with resources that you will have at your disposal.

Some of these tools are tangible, some aren’t. Sometimes, the most powerful tool I have is the ability to listen and provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to succeed.
Whatever your problem is, I will and provide solutions that will help you lower anxiety, finish faster, and (most importantly) pass the bar.

You shouldn’t have to go through this on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to.

No Matter Where On Earth You Are

If You Are Ready To Pass The Bar…

1-on-1 Essay Tutoring
How to spot an issue, outline the essay response, and present the answer
1-on-1 PT Tutoring
How to read the Task Memo, inventory the Library, outline the answer, and finish faster!
1-on-1 MBE Tutoring
One of only a handful of 1-on-1 MBE tutors in the country! See the difference that 1-on-1 tutoring makes.
Recent Testimonials

Devika Sagar, Esq.

I cannot endorse Steven Harris enough! He helped me pass the California Bar Exam on my first attempt. His style of teaching was very effective for my learning style and I appreciated his outlines. I have gone through many outlines and rule books but I have to say that Steven’s study materials were very well organized and made the most sense. The material was also organized in a way to help me easily memorize the rules prior to the exam. I remember opening up the first page of the essay portion of the exam and internally screaming “Yes! I got this!” There were moments during the tutoring process where I felt unsure and not confident that I had the ability to pass, but Steven reassured me and helped guide me on my weak points. Overall I’d say that the one-on-one guidance and attention during bar prep is unmatched and is extremely beneficial to passing the California Bar Exam on the first try!

Gabrielle Sue

Hi Professor. Not sure if you remember me, but I took your Critical Studies I class at UC Hastings in Fall 2021. I didn’t mention it at the time, but I was actually set to take the February 2022 exam, not the July exam like most folks in the class. Well, I just wanted to say THANK YOU because I got the results a few weeks ago and I passed. I know I don’t get the score breakdown, so it’s entirely possible that my MBE score had carried me, but I can’t help but think that taking your writing class allowed me to succeed. It definitely helped me jump into studying right away because I didn’t have to spend time learning what bar graders look for, or how to approach the PT. The Evidence Boilerplate came in handy on February’s test for sure, and I basically did all my PR rule memorization from your book. The boilerplate definitely helped for efficiency, but I also remembered the advice about time management–I was strict with my timing even on that essay, especially since the PT was in the same session. I’m so glad I decided to take your class!

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