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Helping Students That Don’t
Live “Close By” for Decades.
Your family, or your job, unexpectedly requires you to be abroad for part of the Bar season. But you need to pass the Cal Bar Exam. Now. No problem! 
What You Get

Just because you don’t live in California doesn’t mean you can’t crush your California Bar Exam Prep. Do you live in Sacramento? No problem. Chico? Steven speaks fluent Cal Northern. Are you in LA? He grew up there and would be happy to help. San Diego? Steven loves Shamu AND Legoland! Meetings are easy to set up and feedbcak is no problem.

Even if you are not in the state of California, Steven’s Calweasel program will work for you. Washington? Done. New Mexico? Gotcha covered. Oklahoma? Tulsa, to be exact. Arkansas? Covered. Dallas? Yes, ma’am. Pittsburgh? Oh yes (and Steven is a Steeler fan!). Boston? Pass the chowdah. Vermont? Child, please. Florida? Yup, with no additional fee for the jokes.

International students fear not! Spain? Si. Englad? Aye, lads and ladies, pass the crumpets and March On Together, Leeds! France? Oui. Switzerland? Absolutely. India? Success. Italia? Si, exceptionally, FaceTime works best. Dubai? Covered. South Korea? YES.

Steven has worked with 16-hour time differences for weekly meetings, juggling time zones into the next day. FaceTime, Skype, Teams, Zoom, BOTIM, whatever needs to be done, he’ll create a bespoke program for your local, national, and international needs.

Day-to-Day Calendar
A day-to-day calendar with Essay, MBE, and Performance Test assignments, customized to your unique schedule, taking into account your actual life, whatever that may entail.
Steven's 5 Books
WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List are included free with this program, but are also sold as a package, separately, if needed. The MBE Primers and Flowcharts book and Calweasel Essay Book (2 volumes) are not sold separately, but are only included in the Calweasel tutoring programs.
Introductory Lectures
Steven's introductory lectures include a focus on Essay Writing and PT Writing, a comprehensive launch to your California Bar Exam tutoring program.
1-on-1 Focus
PT Exercise
Essay Review


Grading of 15 essays, 4 PTs, and a simulated exam (3 essays and a PT), with a guarantee of minimum 200-300 words of feedback per exam, and frequently up to 1500-2000 words per exam; oral review of unlimited essays during weekly meetings.

Calweasel’s grading system includes examples of how Steven outlines each question and examples of how Steven would write the all-important application for each question that is graded.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly one-on-one meetings, one hour per session, focusing on your specific needs, including assigned essays for you to outline instead of turning in, adhering to the day-to-day calendar created at the outset of your tutoring program.

This customized approach to learning is unique in the California Bar Exam Tutoring marketplace, since Steven invented the program specifically for the students, not a cookie-cutter package that works for everyone.

Follow-Up Lectures

On the Performance Test, a Follow-up lecture on how to read the Library most efficiently during the inventory of the Library stage. This will cut down your reading time by 1/3 and is the only such lecture in the Bar Review industry.

Plus, more follow-up lectures walking you through my notes on the first 45 minutes of the PT assignments to help you learn how to inventory the Library and File correctly, but also learning how to directly “put it all together,” the lectures for which are unheard of in the Bar Review industry.

60-Minute PT Exercise

Learning how to do a 60-minute “strip down a PT” exercise to help him improve issue-spotting in PTs will be easy with Steven’s Calweasel program, the only such exercise in the Califronia Bar Review industry.

By focusing on all phases of the test, not just MBE, Essay, or Performance, the Calweasel Bar Tutoring program prepares you for everything the exam could possibly throw your way.

Essay Review

Hurray for Essay Review Week, an unofficial Calweasel California Bar Exam Tutoring program holiday! Leaving no stone unturned, Steven will set you up to crush the essay section of the exam.

Through an essay review lecture and the week of planned study and practice, you’ll master the strategy behind the exam, firing on all cylinders on test day.

11-day Memorization Program

When developing the Calweasel Bar Exam Tutoring program, Steven considered not just the actual questions and writing on the test, but strategies in how to cope with the taking of the test itself.

This program will teach you memorization techniques and coping strategies that will prepare you for the California Bar Exam like no other program available through lecture and memory practice.

No Matter Where On Earth You Are

If You Are Ready To Pass The Bar…

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If you are ready for a whole new approach to California Bar Exam Tutoring, customized to your life, Steven is waiting to speak with you. First-time? Repeater? Difficulty Learning? Scheduling Conflicts? No problem. Let’s pass this test!