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Bar Exam Prep Tailored to Your Needs
Passing the bar is important, but you also have a life.

Whether you’re organizing your time around work, family, time zones, or your own preferences, studying for the bar exam (California or UBE) should work around you. My program uses a personalized schedule that allows you to trust your calendar while also knowing that you’re getting the proper exposure to essays and performance tests.

Bar Tutoring
Customized & Updated Strategies

Your limitations are vastly different from those of your classmates, which is one reason why cookie cutter bar tutoring programs don’t work.

My program makes sure you’re exposed to all of the essay types for all 15 subjects and focuses on the current, online format of the bar exam. But it’s far more than just a “program.”

Your calendar and study strategies are both customized to the topics, issues, and obstacles that vex you the most. Need to focus more on the PT? Having trouble memorizing? I’ll put in the work where you need it.

Come exam day, you’ll be prepared.

1-on-1 Essay Tutoring
How to spot an issue, outline the essay response, and present the answer
1-on-1 PT Tutoring
How to read the Task Memo, inventory the Library, outline the answer, and finish faster!
1-on-1 MBE Tutoring
One of only a handful of 1-on-1 MBE tutors in the country! See the difference that 1-on-1 tutoring makes.

Because I am your only tutor (no assistants or guest lecturers, here!), your study calendar can be completely tailored to your schedule.

If you’re a first-timer and still juggling finals and classes, I’ll work with you. If you need to work around a work schedule, no problem. I’ve even helped students who gave birth mid-way through the program and needed time to recuperate and get acquainted with their new little one before diving back into bar prep.

None of this is an issue for me.


What if you have to deal with a different time zone? (And no, I’m not talking about California v. Nevada.) My students have come to me from all over the country—Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington DC, Florida—and all over the world.

England? Aye, lad. Spain. Fácil. India? कोई दिक्कत नहीं है (No problem). UAE? فعلت ذلك بالفعل (Already done it). South Korea, with a 16-hour time difference? 문제 없어요 (no problem).


I get it…life is unpredictable. Your schedule needs to be flexible enough to keep up.

Perhaps you scheduled time for a weekend off or a week-long yoga retreat. Self care is important! I can accommodate your vacation so you can have time to unwind before the big exam.

If you’re working, circumstances are likely completely out of your control. I’ll make sure you have enough time to prepare for that big work project, prepare for meetings, and study like a boss.

And if an emergency arises—a pet dies, a family member is sick, COVID forces you to reschedule—I recalibrate your calendar to make sure you’re prepared on exam day.


Even if everyone’s circumstances were equal, no two people approach the bar exam in exactly the same way.

One might have autism. Another might have a learning disability or a physical disability. Maybe you’ve been granted 1½ or double time accommodations on the exam.

If this is the case, you need a personalized calendar that takes your abilities into consideration. My 1-on-1 tutoring style accommodates any and all requirements so you get the best help possible.

Ready to Start?

You Set the Schedule

I might be your tutor, but I’m definitely not your boss.

My bar tutoring program meets you exactly where you are and allows you to make time for everything else in your life. Whatever situation you find yourself in, I will identify the best possible program for you and create a bespoke, personalized bar tutoring calendar around your life.

No Matter Where On Earth You Are

If You Are Ready To Pass The Bar…

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If you are ready for a whole new approach to California Bar Exam Tutoring, customized to your life, Steven is waiting to speak with you. First-time? Repeater? Difficulty Learning? Scheduling Conflicts? No problem. Let’s pass this test!