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February 2023 Cal Bar Exam Admittance Ticket Bulletin

The full Admittance Ticket Bulletin is attached.


Of particular relevance is what’s allowed in the exam room without an accommodations petition.  Consider:


Only the following items are allowed in the exam areas without prior approval. All items are subject to inspection at the test centers:

1. Government‐issued ID

2. The admittance ticket with no writing on it

3. Silent analog watches

4. Prescription medications (does not include cough drops)

5. Cash (must not have extraneous writing on it)

6. Credit/debit cards that might be needed for the lunch breaks

7. Keys

8. Face masks without valves (with no patterns or extraneous writing on them)

9. Protective gloves (latex or rubber only)

10. Nondigital pens (standard blue or black ink), nonmechanical pencils (with eraser incorporated; no separate erasers), pen‐style highlighters (must not be used on answers), rulers and paper clips

11. Nondigital timers and nondigital clocks measuring 4”x 4” or smaller.

12. Eyeglasses (no cases or sunglasses)

13. Foam earplugs (cannot be wireless and must not be connected to any mechanism or device)

14. Menstrual products

15. Inhalers

16. Diabetes‐related items and equipment (does not include food or drinks)

17. Eyedrops in single‐use vials

18. One back support (without a cover)

19. One orthopedic cushion (without a cover)

20. One standard‐size pillow (without a case)

21. One bookstand

22. One footrest

23. Splints, braces, casts, crutches, wheelchair

24. Hearing aids

25. TENS units

26. Disability‐related items that have been approved through the testing accommodations petition process

27. Separate keyboard, mouse (wired or wireless), laptop riser/stand no higher than 4 inches and a solid color mouse pad with no writing on it. During the MBE sessions, the items listed above are allowed in the exam room, except pens, rulers, paperclips, highlighters, back supports, orthopedic cushions, pillows, bookstands or footrests, and laptops or laptop accessories. If you need any of these items due to a disability, you must request them through the timely filing of a Testing Accommodations Petition.

Applicants who will be handwriting their exam answers, or who are required to handwrite in the event of a laptop/software malfunction, must bring their own standard blue or black ink ballpoint pens. Applicants must also bring their own pencils for the MBE portion of the exam (several sharpened pencils are recommended).

Mechanical pencils are not permitted. Pencil sharpeners and separate erasers will not be allowed into the exam room.

Please note that applicants cannot bring wallets, tissues, lip balm, cough drops/throat lozenges, gum, candy, or other food or drinks in the exam room. Water and tissues will be available nearby at the test centers.


February 2023 exam admittance ticket bulletin





Laptop Bulletin for the February 2023 Cal Bar Exam

Here is the Laptop Bulletin for the February 2023 exam:


Laptops for the February Bar Exam

The February 2023 Bar Exam will be administered in person and can be taken on a laptop. Desktop computers are not allowed. It’s important to read and follow the State Bar’s instructions.

Laptops must meet the specifications outlined below. Applicants requiring special equipment due to medical reasons must request a testing accommodation.

Before the exam

Here are the steps to prepare your laptop before the exam:

  1. Make sure your laptop meets the minimum requirements for ExamSoft.
  2. Once you are issued an admittance ticket, install Examplify software and register with ExamSoft.
  3. Download and take the one mandatory/required mock exam. The exam will be available beginning January 24, 2023. 
  4. Upload the mock exam answer file by February 17, 2023. Once you do this, the exam files will download automatically. Failure to upload the mock exam answer file will mean you will not have the exam files for the bar exam.

Laptop system requirements

The maximum size allowed for a laptop computer screen is 17.3 inches. The specific system requirements can be found on ExamSoft’s website.

Note: Desktop computers are not allowed for security reasons. Exam software provider ExamSoft currently does not support tablets with detachable keyboards, such as iPads, or newly released laptops with Intel 12 generation processors. For optimal computer performance, the State Bar recommends using a laptop that exceeds the minimum requirements for memory and hard drive space.

Internet connectivity

Immediately following the exam, you will need Internet access to upload your answer files.

Install Examplify software

To ensure the security of the exam process, applicants are required to use Examplify software to take the February 2023 Bar Exam. The application provides a simple word processing program and is designed to be familiar to users of Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. It blocks access to non-Examplify files on an applicant’s laptop computer during the exam.

Starting on January 24, after you have received your admittance ticket and registration information from ExamSoft, you can register with ExamSoft and download and install Examplify onto the laptop computer you will be using for the exam.

Installing ExamSoft

  1. If you have previously used SofTest or Examplify, you must completely uninstall any prior version used before downloading and installing the version of Examplify used for the February 2023 bar exam.
  2. Go to the ExamSoft website.
  3. Locate the Exam Takers box in the upper left-hand portion of the page.
  4. Log in using your NCBE Number which, if you cannot remember it, can be looked up here.  The password will be randomly generated and emailed to you.
  5. Download Examplify.
  6. Install Examplify and register your copy, after which one mock exam will become available for download. (See mock exam instructions below.)
  7. Check ExamSoft confirmation emails to ensure the institution displayed is “State Bar of California.”

Do not copy the ExamSoft program from one laptop computer to another. For example, do not download the software to a desktop computer and try to manually move it to your laptop. If you move the software and exam files to another computer, an error message displays when you attempt to begin the exam. If such an error message appears, you will be unable to use your laptop to take the exam and you will be required to handwrite your answers. You may NOT download and install Examplify to more than one laptop computer.

TIP: If you have an email spam blocker, please add, and to your contact or safe list so that you can receive critical emails from ExamSoft before, during, and after the exam.

Take the mock exam

The mock exam process is required. Taking the one mandatory/required mock exam confirms that your laptop computer is compatible with Examplify and provides you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with procedures for opening, using, and uploading answer files prior to the day of the exam. By typing a paragraph in each window, it also allows you to ensure that there are no typing/keyboard issues with your laptop.

See the instructional videos and guides on taking the mock exams.

After you have downloaded and completed the mandatory mock exam and uploaded the related exam answer files, the files for the actual exam will download automatically. Exam files will not contain exam questions; those are handed out in paper booklets on exam day.

Five additional copies of the mock exam are available if needed to help familiarize you with the Examplify application. Internet connectivity is required for downloading additional copies of the exam file and uploading exam answer files. NO internet connectivity is required while taking the mock exams. Download additional copies of the mock exam at Examplify’s website.

Complete laptop registration

You will receive email confirmations after you have downloaded the mock exam, after you upload your mock exam answer file, and after the system has automatically downloaded your exam files. This completes the laptop registration process.

Until you receive these email confirmations, you are NOT registered.

Once you have completed the laptop registration process, do not make changes to the configuration of your laptop.

If you do not receive the confirmation emails, you have not successfully completed the registration process for the February 2023 Bar Exam. You may check your registration status and view your download/upload history online. Log in using the Exam Takers box, click the Exam History button to review your record, and confirm that you have downloaded the exam and mock exam files and have uploaded the mock exam answer files. You should have two exam files for the essay questions and Performance Test sessions of the February 2023 Bar Exam.

No extra time will be provided to ensure that your laptop is ready for use before the exam session begins. A second laptop to serve as backup is not permitted.

You must complete the registration process no later than February 17, 2023. It is recommended, however, that you complete the process as soon as possible after you receive your admittance ticket so that ExamSoft will have the opportunity to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter prior to the exam. If your laptop or Examplify is not operational when the exam begins or at any time thereafter, you will have to handwrite your exam answers.

Laptop computer problems after registration
If after completing the registration process with ExamSoft you experience problems with your laptop that would prohibit you from using it for the exam, (i.e., it becomes inoperable), you may ask to have another laptop registered and to download additional exam files through the “Re-Download Examplify” link after you log in with your NCBE Number and passwordRead more about the re-download process from ExamSoft. Authorization will not be granted for the purpose of having a backup laptop.

Review ExamSoft’s Bar Applicant FAQ or visit the ExamSoft Support Page if you have questions on the use of the software or if you encounter technical problems during the laptop registration process, as most problems can be easily resolved through ExamSoft’s published support guides and troubleshooting tips. Should you continue to have technical problems, however, please call ExamSoft Client Support at 1-888-816-3065. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Neither the Office of Admissions nor the Committee of Bar Examiners is available to answer technical, installation, or registration questions.

Exam day information

You must read the instructions that will accompany your Admittance Ticket advising you of the items allowed in the room in which you are taking the exam. All items not listed are prohibited unless you have received written authorization in advance.

It is expected that you will demonstrate integrity, honor, and ethical behavior during this exam, and all exams administered by the State Bar of California. If you do not take the time to familiarize yourself with your laptop or with the exam software’s word processing functions, you should consider handwriting your exam answers.

You must pay careful attention to and follow all instructions provided prior to the exam. Use great care when highlighting and deleting during the exam and when using other functions that may significantly change a document. No extra time or other administrative relief will be granted if an exam file is deleted or otherwise altered, or if you experience any other word processing problems.

You must bring your own power cord to the test center each day of the exam. Your power cord can be plugged into the electrical outlets provided at the test centers. Although an electrical outlet will be available to you, be sure to have a fully charged battery in case there is an electrical problem. You will not be allowed to tape power cords into the electrical outlet, nor will you be allowed to plug any item aside from your computer into the electrical outlet. CDs, DVDs, USBs and other information storage media are prohibited in the examination room. If such items are found in the exam room or in an applicant’s laptop computer, they will be confiscated and will not be returned. Possession of unauthorized items may also subject the applicant to a sanction for violation of exam rules.

On the day of the exam, you must be seated at the test center no later than 8:20 a.m., at which time instructions for getting your laptop computer ready to use will begin. You should plan to arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes prior to that time so that you can find your seat and get comfortable. General instructions regarding the administration of the exam will commence promptly at 8:30 a.m. Exam questions will be distributed in hard copy just before the beginning of each session.

If your laptop computer is not ready to begin at the designated time, for whatever reason, you must begin the exam by handwriting. NO extra time will be provided to ensure that a laptop computer is ready for use before the exam session begins. Technical assistance will not be available.

In the event of a software or hardware malfunction or other problem, or if a power failure or interruption occurs, before or during administration of the exam, you will be required to handwrite your answers to the exam.

You are not permitted to bring additional laptop computers, typewriters, word processors, or other devices into the standard laptop test centers to use as backups.

Uploading answer files
The exam file contains your answers to the five essay questions and the performance test question. Upload the exam files as soon as possible after the exam and no later than the deadline: February 23, 2023, at 12:00 p.m.

Verify the successful upload of your answer files by launching Examplify to see that you have uploaded all your answer files. Read more from ExamSoft.

Do NOT delete or uninstall Examplify or any Examplify Program Directory Files or Folders until results for the exam have been released.

As a courtesy, emails will be sent indicating if your answer files have not uploaded, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that your files are uploaded by the deadline. If there is a problem with the uploading of your answers, you  may be required to contact ExamSoft for assistance in retrieving the file remotely or to physically provide your laptop to ExamSoft or to the Office of Admissions so that efforts can be made to retrieve the encrypted backup copy of the exam answer(s) from your laptop’s hard drive.

Rented laptop computers
If you rented a laptop to use during the exam, you should not return it to the rental company until results for the February 2023 Bar Exam have been released.

Any attempt to disable or tamper with Examplify’s security features is prohibited. If it is discovered that tampering has been attempted, this information will be reported to the Committee of Bar Examiners for whatever action it may deem appropriate, which could include disqualification for admission to practice law in California.


February 2023 Cal Bar Exam FAQ document

Hello everyone,


The initial FAQ doc for the February 2023 Cal Bar Exam is located here.  Looks like no meaningful changes to the July 2022 doc, which only had one version of the doc (in the past the doc had multiple updates).  Check back periodically on the site with the FAQ document for latest updates if any.


Based on the docs on the website and the exam announcement, looks like an in-person exam.  Unless a serious, serious COVID outbreak occurs, I’d plan on an in person for February 2023.


Also, results for the February 2023 exam will publish on May 5, 6 pm.


February-2023-Bar-Exam-FAQs 10322

Cal Bar Registration OPEN for the February 2023 exam

Hello everyone!


Cal Bar registration opened on October 1 for the February 2023 exam.  Relevant dates:


Timely filing is due by November 1.

$50 late fee runs from November 2 – November 30.

$250 late fee runs from December 1 – January 3.

The last day you can register to take the February 2023 Cal Bar Exam is January 3, 2023.


January 4… welcome to July 2023.


Accommodations petitions:  submit your petition as early as you can.  Deadline for petitions is the exam filing deadline, or January 3.  Filing close to January 3 could mean you won’t have time to appeal if you are denied.  Appeals are due by February 1, but that assumes you’ve received your initial decision by then.  File EARLY.


Mock Exam is available January 24 – February 17.  You MUST complete/upload the Mock Exam by February 17, or else you they won’t let you in the room.  January 31 is a great time to finish this requirement.





students take the test

Good luck on the July Bar Exam!

Hello everyone!

Whether you’re taking the Cal Bar or the UBE, I wanted to wish everyone good issue spotting, solid outlining, and analytical (and not conclusory!) analysis.  You can do it!


Arrive early.  Masks optional, but if you bring one, no writing on it.  Stay on time during the test.  Bring your admission ticket without writing on it.  NEVER USE YOUR CELL PHONE IN THE EXAM ROOM!  Good luck to everyone!



June 2022 Baby Bar Exam announced! Remote testing returns!

Hello June 2022 Baby Bar applicants!  You’re on deck!


And, surprisingly, the Baby Bar will be delivered remotely.  As of March 1, the exam announcement and the laptop announcement are consistent and refer to a remotely proctored exam.  As per the laptop announcement:


The First-Year Law Students’ Exam will be remotely proctored, and you must take the exam on a laptop computer with a functional internal webcam and microphone.


The June 2022 Baby Bar Announcement can be found here:


The Laptop announcement can be found here:


The deadline schedule is here:

March 1 Exam application open
April 1 Timely filing deadline
April 2–29 $25 late filing fee
April 30–May 16 $200 late filing fee
May 16 – Final filing/reinstatement deadline

On exam day, the Baby Bar Exam Schedule will be (NOTE you have a 20 minute window to get passwords):

Exam Day Schedule (all times Pacific Time)

  Session   Password release   Latest start time
  Essay 1 (60 mins)   7:40 a.m.   8:00 a.m.
  Essay 2 (60 mins)   9:05 a.m.   9:25 a.m.
  Essay 3 (60 mins)   10:30 a.m.   10:50 a.m.
  Essay 4 (60 mins)   11:55 a.m.   12:15 p.m.
  MCQ Part 1 (90 mins)   2:05 pm.   2:25 p.m.
  MCQ Part 2 (90 mins)   4:00 p.m.   4:20 p.m.

Need a tutor?  Email me and let’s talk!  I have some spaces available for Baby Bar Exam tutoring.  Need budget friendly resources?  Books are available and a 10% discount coupon is available!  Check out the books tab on the site.



Serious students sitting for an examination

July 2022 Cal Bar Exam announced!

Hello July 2022 Cal Bar Exam takers!  You’re on deck!


Your exam will be in person.  As per the Announcement:


The next California Bar Exam is scheduled for July 26–27, 2022. The exam will be administered in person. 


Link to the announcement is here:


No info yet on whether you’ll need to wear a mask to the exam.  I’m guessing the new FAQ will publish that info.


Registration deadlines:

March 1 Exam application open
April 1 Timely filing deadline (Set by CA Bus. & Prof. Code, §6060.3)
April 2–29 $50 late filing fee (Set by CA Bus. & Prof. Code, §6060.3)
April 30–June 1 $250 late filing fee (Set by CA Bus. & Prof. Code, §6060.3)






Remember, these people ARE NOT JOKING.  If you don’t register for the exam by June 1, welcome to February 2023.


If you’re interested in tutoring, please contact me ASAP.  I have a few spaces left for the July exam.  Need some budget-friendly resources?  Books available with a discount coupon!  Go to the books page and get your books today.


Answers to the test

Cal Bar Exam Feb. 2022 looks to be in person… proctors being hired

Hello everyone,


The Cal Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners had its monthly meeting on Friday/Saturday of last week and one of its closed session items was to talk about contingency planning for the Feb. 2022 exam.  While no announcements have been made about a final plan for in-person v. remote exam, the Cal Bar’s Twitter feed may have provided an answer.  At 12:46 pm today, the Cal Bar announced that it was hiring proctors.  I’m guessing that doesn’t happen if we have a remote exam.  We shall see.  Announcement below:


State Bar of California
Do you want to help administer the #CAbarexam? Apply to proctor the Feb 22 & 23 exam. Proctors play a key role in the success of the exam by ensuring established policies & procedures are followed. Starting pay is $25.00/hr. Learn more and apply:

Young lawyer

February 2022 Bar Exam CHAOS! NCBE v. Examsoft!

Hello y’all!

A nice little bombshell today from the NCBE, the organization who administers the MBE for bar exam jurisdictions.

Evidently the NCBE and Examsoft aren’t getting along.  The NCBE just announced that if a jurisdiction switches from an in-person to a remote bar exam format, “remote testing using NCBE exam materials is no longer an option for the February exam dates.”

So… a few options present themselves:

  1. Hold your exam in person (come what may), and paper materials and status quo start date of February 22.
  2. Pull a Nevada:  hold the exam remotely, hold it at the status quo start date of February 22, and NO MBE.
  3. Use the Examsoft equivalent program of ILG Exam360, have the NCBE use that service for its MBE administration, and hold the exam on the same dates – status quo
  4. OR… as the NCBE states below, force a bar exam jurisdiction to postpone its exam to late March and provide MBEs then.

No, I’m not making this up.  See below.


From the NCBE:


Update on Status of February 2022 Bar Exam

MADISON, WISCONSIN, January 10, 2022—NCBE is actively supporting bar admission agencies and courts as they prepare to administer the February bar exam consistent with their local health restrictions and requirements. As of this date, we anticipate that most jurisdictions will be administering the bar exam in person on February 22 and 23.

In the event that a jurisdiction’s February bar exam administration is prohibited due to public health restrictions, testing materials will be available for makeup dates in late March. Examinees are encouraged to watch for email and website announcements from the jurisdiction in which they plan to test, including announcements about specific COVID-19 protocols in place for the exam. Further information about administration of the bar exam in either February or March will come from the individual jurisdictions.

Due to firm deadlines set by ExamSoft, remote testing using NCBE exam materials is no longer an option for the February exam dates.

For information about jurisdiction announcements related to the February 2022 bar exam, visitFebruary 2022 Bar Exam: Jurisdiction Information.

Education after Corona Pandemic - College students wear protective face mask in campus, outdoor

Happy New Year! Omicron update… Bar Exam in-person? Remote?


Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

The February 2022 Cal Bar (and to some extent, the UBE) applicant pool are wondering about the impact of the Omicron variant on the administration of the February 2022 Bar Exam.  Here’s what we know:

The Cal Bar has issued four updates to its FAQ document since October 1 (12/1, 12/14, 12/17, and 1/3).  The updates have mainly focused on what kinds of testing applicants need to take to take the exam in person (e.g., as of 1/6:  vaccination by 2/8, negative PCR test between 2/20 – 2/22, or negative antigen test between 2/21 and 2/22).

To date, as of 1/6, the Cal Bar has not changed a syllable of its FAQ #1, which indicates that we are returning to normal (e.g., party like it’s 2017, in person exam, paper materials for essays and PTs, scratch paper).

However, the big question is whether the Cal Bar will indeed remain an in-person exam for February 2022.  If the Cal Bar decided to go remote a la October 2020/Feb. 2021/July 2021, when would it need to make this decision?  Who approves this decision?  And how does a student prepare with all this uncertainty in the meantime?

Here’s what we know for now.  Disclaimer:  at Cal I was a history major, not epidemiology, immunology and not public health.  And no, don’t rely on this blog post to your detriment.  Your exam, not mine, personal responsibility, folks.

The lay opinion from a history major suggests that everything around us looks terrible in terms of trends from the Omicron variant.  Examples:

  • Omicron numbers are doubling in LA county every 2 days per the LA Times
  • LA County is suspending criminal trials for two weeks per the LA Times
  • 8 UC campuses have delayed in-person classes and have gone remote for 2-3 weeks (for now).
  • My law school (UC Hastings) announced on December 23 that we were going back in person on January 10. Seven days later, on December 30, Hastings announced that we were going to have most courses on Zoom for 3 weeks, with in-person classes currently slated to resume on January 31.
  • 8 Cal State schools have delayed in-person education and will begin school on Zoom, per the LA Times. Long Beach State, for example, will begin school on January 20 and operate via Zoom for 3 weeks.  That means in-person operations will begin no earlier than February 10.
  • Requirements for return to in-person operations have intensified, not reduced. For example, students and staff at many schools are required to have booster shots, not merely one or two shots as appropriate, to set foot on campus.
  • More than 70% of coronavirus cases in LA county were among adults younger than 50 for Dec. 22-28, per the LA Times.
  • Rates among youngest adults (18-29) are 8x higher than they were one month ago. Adults in the 30-40 year old range are 6x as high as per the LA Times.  Guess what the ages are of the typical Cal Bar applicant?
  • The Grammy’s (an indoor event with a lot of people seated near each other for a few hours) were cancelled.
  • Sporting events have been postponed


That said, is Omicron less serious than the prior surges of COVID-19?  Seemingly.  Yes, Omicron is far more transmissible than prior forms of COVID-19.  But cases generally seem less severe.  Fewer deaths.  Hospital beds aren’t filling up as quickly.  According to the LA Times, Omicron appears to be “more infectious to the airways, but less infectious to lung tissue, where infections contribute to respiratory problems and death.”

And as reported on January 1 in the LA Times, COVID-19 patient hospitalizations jumped 48% from a week prior, but those 5,433 patients are a fraction of the 20,640 who were hospitalized in early January 2021, and the all-time peak was 21,938 on January 6.  Hospitalizations have risen most dramatically in the last month in So Cal and in the Bay Area (double the rate), while Sacramento’s count increased 30%.

According to Bob Wachter from UCSF, supposedly Omicron should peak around mid-January and then recede relatively quickly.

Note the recommendations from state and local officials.  Per the LA Times on January 1, state and local officials “have indicated no need for new orders closing certain businesses or mandating people to stay at home, but they have looked at bolstering requirements in certain settings for vaccinations or negative coronavirus tests.”

And the California Department of Public Health, really the final arbiter in our state on decisions about in-person v. remote events, announced a new order on December 31 that requires “those at indoor events with 500 or more attendees to show either proof of full vaccination or a recent negative test to enter. The order will go into effect Jan. 15. Currently, only indoor events with 1,000 or more attendees are subject to the requirement.”

In other words, businesses aren’t shutting down.  People aren’t being forced to stay at home (except for undergrad and grad students at certain California schools).

So… what are the logistics moving forward?

My guess is that if the trends continue that the Cal Bar Exam COULD be moved to a remote exam and not conducted in person.  That’s my guess, and that’s not informed by any inside information.  I think if the move to a remote exam occurs, it would need to occur between January 15 – 31 so that students can find places outside their home (if needed) to take the exam.  Living in a loud area, too many people living with you to realistically take the exam in a quiet area, internet not reliable at home, etc.  Law schools would need to prepare to allow former students to take the exam there as needed.  Etc.

The Cal Bar would need to consult with the California Dept. of Public Health (especially if the CA DPH forces the exam to go remote), the Cal Bar must make a recommendation to go remote, and ultimately, the Cal Supreme Court must issue an order to hold the exam remotely.  I hope that these entities are already consulting with each other and that a decision is made soon about what to do.  Students deserve to know as soon as possible if the exam is in-person come what may, or if the exam will be remote.  A January 15-31 window is responsible.  A Valentine’s Day surprise would be difficult to implement logistically I would think.

As a Bar applicant, what should you do?  Prepare for both options NOW.  The registration deadline has passed.  So that means if you’re taking this exam, you have an exam site.  If the exam site is in person, great.  If the exam goes remote, what are you going to do?  Where are you going to go?  Start developing that plan NOW.  Take the exam at home?  Going to a law school?  Taking the exam at a hotel?  Local law library?  Public library?  Figure it out.  NOW.  Don’t wait.

What about practicing exams?  For MBEs, take some questions online for practice.  For essays, you can get exams online and practice them online from the Bar’s site or my stie.  Same with the PTs.

Don’t wait until the last minute.  Have plans for in-person vs. remote about where you’ll take the test.  Practice on hardcopy and online so that regardless of how you’ll take the exam, it won’t be a shocking event to you.  Stocks going down 20 points, not 2000 points.

Hang in there!  Happy 2022 everyone!