Rachel Gezerseh, Esq.

WINNIN’ TIME! is, hands down, the best bar study resource available! Because of Steven’s outlines I was prepared and confident when I took the July ’07 exam. – Rachel Gezerseh, Esq., passed the July 2007 California Bar Examination

Dayna Garibay, Esq.

Steve is the reason I passed the July 2010 Bar Exam. I graduated from an ABA school but knew I needed extra help if I wanted to pass the bar. The popular bar study programs did not offer the structure I needed. Steve’s structure made it so I didn’t have to wonder what to do with my time. It was a demanding summer but thanks to Steve I never have to do it again.” – Dayna Garibay, Esq., passed the July 2010 California Bar Examination

Chandra Nelson-Robak, Esq. (The Trigger List)

The one true road map to effortless success on the Bar exam! Follow this path and generate all the points you will need. – Chandra Nelson-Robak, Esq.

Nerisha Soodeehul, Esq.

The Evidence Boilerplate made the difference between being a 5th time repeater and a practicing attorney! – Nerisha Soodeehul, Esq.

Theresa Anne Stein, Esq.

I absolutely owe my having passed the bar to Steve Harris and his program. Without a doubt, his study program works, but that’s only the half of it. His positive attitude and his confidence in his program are what really carried me through even when I had no confidence in myself.

The first day I walked into Steve’s class, I was in a very dark place. I had flunked the bar twice, and I felt utterly hopeless. At that point, every one of my study techniques had proven to be worthless, and I thought there was no way I was ever going to pass the bar. I just thought I innately lacked whatever it took to pass the California Bar.

When I enrolled in the class, my expectations were low because of what I experienced with other bar prep programs, but after my first day in his class, I felt an immense sense of relief. At the beginning of class, Steve said that he had a unique study regimen that would work for anyone. Right then, I didn’t know if that were true or not, but he had such strong convictions about it, I felt comfortable putting my fate in his hands. Steve also presented an efficient study regimen that—unlike other bar prep programs—seemed livable, let alone humanly possible.

After that first session, I took it day-by-day, accomplishing Steve’s study tasks one by one. After a month, I felt it “working.” I began to feel capable with both the substantive material and also with the strategies required to pass the bar. Gradually, I began to develop confidence in my own abilities instead of relying on Steve’s confidence in his program.

Make no mistake; it’s not easy. Steve’s program requires hard work that spans a period of two months, and your end result will stem from whatever you put into it. However, his program is straightforward, it’s doable, and it works. I believe I would never have passed the bar if I had not met Steve Harris.” – Theresa Anne Stein, Esq.

Mayor Spencer Short, Esq., passed the February 2009 California Bar Examination

Simple and direct is the path to passing the bar!

I had tried other commercial prep courses with little success. When I first started the system, I was skeptical because it almost seemed too easy. The program was reasonably paced, the assignments were direct, and the weekly discussions helped crystallize what was expected to gather enough points to pass the Bar exam. During my Bar preparation, I was also working as Mayor of a City of 40,000 that was undergoing a serious budget reductions and significant labor negotiations, therefore I only had about three and a half weeks to completely focus on studying for the February 2009 Bar. Steven worked with me on focusing my study time to achieve the best results. We acknowledged the challenges with this schedule, but I remained committed to completing (and passing) the Bar.

When I took the Bar Exam this time, I was at ease. My mind was focused and the issues were clear so I knew what issues I needed to write about to get a passing score. Forget the major commercial prep courses with their boxes of books, Steven simplifies the rules and puts you into a system that is easy to memorize and apply with only two texts and great personalized instruction. Thank you Steven!

In addition, during my preparation for the Bar, The Trigger List helped me identify logical extensions of issues. I took the week and followed the instructions and it helped me generate the points I needed to pass the Bar. Even if you don’t take Steven’s 1-on-1 tutorial (however, the tutoring service is top notch and I would recommend you at least consider taking the tutoring if at all possible because it is tremendously helpful), you should purchase The Trigger List to review the way in which issues arise on the Bar Exam. This resource helped me focus my efforts so I could pass the Bar! Follow the instructions, take a week, cheat, and generate the points to pass the Bar!” – Spencer Short, Esq., Mayor of Lincoln, CA, passed the February 2009 Cal Bar Exam

Katherine, Esq., UC Hastings alumnae, passed the February 2009 California Bar Examination

I highly recommend Steven for anyone who ‘learns by doing,’ thrives on personalized feedback, and doesn’t learn well in large group environments. I suffered through lectures, and spent countless hours making mountains of flash cards, but I was ill-prepared for the July exam; as a result, I passed one performance test—and nothing else.

The second time around was much different: I was able to work part time and study fewer hours, but I studied much more effectively. During the exam, I knew how to spot and approach all the major issues (yes, there are a limited number of issues they can test). The boilerplates were especially effective because they allowed me to switch to auto-pilot when I saw certain issues arise — personal jurisdiction and evidence objections, for example. I also liked WINNIN’ TIME! because it was manageable, as opposed to the tons of books I used previously. Realistically, there’s only so much one person can retain, and Steven recognizes this. The rules are short, to the point, and easy to memorize.

I truly don’t believe I could’ve passed without Steven’s academic and emotional support. He never made me feel stupid for asking questions, I looked forward to meeting with him each week, and during the exam I actually pictured him at one point cheering from the aisle. I never felt alone or lost, like with my prior course. My only regret is that I didn’t go the tutor route the first time around. I hope no student has to struggle through flashcard hell like I did last summer. Make your first time a Winnin’ Time!” – Katherine, UC Hastings alumnae, passed February 2009

Jennifer, Esq., passed the February 2009 California Bar Examination

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I met Professor Harris. Steven showed me that it wasn’t about the law I knew, but instead it was all about how I put that law down on paper. The graders want to see something specific and Steven showed me exactly what that was. I took his 4-month course, during which he graded numerous essays and performance tests and gave me specific individualized feedback on every one. It didn’t take long for me to incorporate that feedback and start turning failing answers to easy passes. I know I would not have passed the bar without him!” – Jennifer, University of San Francisco Alum, passed February 2009