Published On:   July 4, 2020

Steven: Just a quick note to tell you how often I think of you and sing your praises! I’ve often commented to people that if you aren’t connected with the legal field in some way, you can’t really appreciate what these young people go through in getting through law school and then passing the bar. I’ll never think about Cameron’s success as an attorney without also thinking of you.

And, now I want to thank you for another of your success stories: Earl Mah. I was assigned to work for Earl a few months ago and knew that he had worked with you while studying for the February bar. I told him about my son also working for you and how he couldn’t have chosen a better tutor. I couldn’t be happier right now for Earl – and again, I give you credit and thanks for all your help. You do an amazing job of pinpointing for each student you have just what he or she needs to focus on. And, I know from Cameron that you are able to get your students to move beyond any focus of not having passed the bar the first go around. There is no doubt about it: you have a real gift in working with these students.

Thank you again!

Marti Guidoux, Mother of a Bar applicant who passed the July 2013 Cal Bar Examination, and who worked with Earl Mah, Esq., who passed the February 2014 Cal Bar Examination

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