Published On:   May 11, 2022

I was referred to Steven by my school’s Bar-prep program coordinator. When I first spoke with Steven, he took over an hour to speak with me on the phone, whereas another tutor I was considering only spoke to me for ten minutes. That’s all I needed to know to see that Steven cared about his students because he gave me the time to get to know me and how I would be a good fit for his program.
As an average law student, I knew that I would need additional help outside of the traditional bar prep courses to conquer this exam. I decided to work with Steven again after I failed the July 2021 Bar Exam for two reasons: 1) I knew I didn’t want to go through the rigorous study schedule again without someone who would make studying the material less daunting, and 2) I needed Steven’s expertise again because each bar exam is a different “beast.”
After I failed, Steven spoke with me to decipher my score and made me feel better knowing that I was one or two multiple choice questions away from passing. Steven prepared a 30-plus page report of Essays 1-5 and the Performance Test that helped me understand exactly where I went wrong and how the scores given on the first and second read were accurate after comparing multiple student sample examples and the Bar’s sample answers. This provided me with a comprehensive overview of my strengths and weaknesses in my essays. It also gave me the confidence I needed that I wasn’t starting from scratch the second time around.
Another weakness for me was the MBE. To address this, Steven created a tailored schedule so that I could bake in more MBEs into my study schedule. Steven encouraged me to take two mock MBE tests in preparation for the February 2022 exam.
I enjoyed working with Steven because after every weekly meeting, Steven left me feeling focused. Steven has a way of making the subjects on the bar exam fit into categories so that information is not overwhelming. His materials make the subjects easy to digest and memorize.
The best thing about working with Steven is that he KNOWS the Bar Exam inside and out.  Any updates, rules, or nuances about the bar exam – Steven knows it all!  He takes the guesswork out of the bar exam and when you’re in the midst of studying, there’s no time to stress about the small things.  One must save their brain power for the actual material.
Steven’s approach to the CA Bar Exam, the skills and strategy he teaches, is not something I could find elsewhere.  —Santa Clara alum, passed the 2022 February California Bar Examination

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