Published On:   July 3, 2020


Thank you for doing what you do.

How is it that a 51-year-old online correspondence law graduate, living on the East Coast, working full time with a family has passed the July 2012 California Bar Exam? I can tell you it is by putting in the hard work and study time. More importantly, by working smart.

Bar exam takers seldom miss the pass list by not studying hard and putting in the time. I know because I missed the pass list three times before getting your two books and taking your performance test course. I then passed the bar exam.

Most law students put in countless hours of focused study. What they are missing are the things that you teach in your books WINNIN’ TIME!, The Trigger List and Performance Test Course.

When I first took your performance course from here in Upstate New York, it was immediately apparent that I could understand the performance test and pass the exam. I ought to know as I had paid for and took five other performance test courses. I was very apprehensive about investing in yet another.

I started out with getting your books, which had outlines for all the subjects. When I took your performance course, I was absolutely shocked at some of the things that you were saying. Game changers. But the thing I really liked was that you based what you teach upon researching past exam answers, which means a student can verify what you share in your lectures. I did just that.

I would hope that my journey can serve as encouragement for those still seeking to get onto the pass list for the California Bar Exam. — Ray Wood, Esq., passed the California Bar Examination

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