Published On:   July 4, 2020

I found Steven Harris’ tutoring program and the WINNIN’ TIME! study aid to be perfect for passing the California Bar Examination while minimizing the time required to study. I had recently unsuccessfully tried to pass the exam and had no time off from work to study for my second try. I also had a young family with little time to spare. The study aid was succinct and perfect for helping me remember exactly what I needed to know, and the one-on-one attention helped me fine-tune my exam writing skills, both for the essays and for the performance tests. By the time I took the bar exam I was well prepared to write in a concise, on-point style that covered all the issues presented. The result was a passing score on the Attorney’s Exam. — Neal Jagtap, Esq. (passed the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam)

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