Published On:   July 4, 2020

First and foremost, Steven Harris is brilliant. I have so much respect and admiration for him. I could not have passed the February Bar Exam without him.

I was devastated when I found that I did not pass the July 2018 Bar Exam. I was even more devastated when I saw that I was not even close to passing. I needed around 300 points to pass the bar. I was crushed. After a couple days of reflecting I knew I had to pick myself up and figure out a plan of attack for the February 2019 Bar Exam.

I remember reaching out to people that had failed the bar and asked them what I should do. They all said to look up this guy. They swore by him. So I Googled Steven Harris, browsed his website, and emailed him right away. I sent him an email late at night and he responded within minutes. After some back and forth through email and a phone call, I had Steven Harris as my tutor.

Right away it was clear that Steven had incredible insight on every aspect of the bar. His custom calendar, weekly meetings, and approach kept me grounded and accountable. His 3 books, WINNIN’ TIME!, The Trigger List, and MBE Primers and Flowcharts were incredible and really showed his mastery over the Bar and what the graders expect. I remember always being in awe when Steven and I met. I was repeatedly having my mind blown by what Steven was teaching me.

By the time the February Bar Exam came around I was approaching the Bar in a completely different way than when I took the July Bar exam. I did everything that Steven taught me to a T. AND I PASSED! Sure I had to put in the work through out the months I was working with Steven, but his methods are invaluable.

I highly recommend Steven Harris to first time takers and repeat takers. The CA Bar Exam can be beat and Steven Harris knows the way. — Miguel Zavala, Esq., passed the February 2019 California Bar Examination

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