Published On:   July 2, 2020

I began to utilize WINNIN’ TIME! one year into my law school experience, after meeting Mr. Harris at a school-sponsored writing workshop. I believe I received the highest grades in both my Evidence & Criminal Procedure courses because I employed the “boilerplates” for each respective subject found in WINNIN’ TIME! Needless to mention, I used those same boilerplates on the July 2009 administration of the California Bar Exam, which I successfully passed. I believe WINNIN’ TIME! is one of the best resources in which a law student can invest because not only are you provided succinct yet detailed boilerplates, Mr. Harris has devoted great time and attention to explaining the writing approaches he suggests. Thus, not only are you provided first-rate law school and bar exam writing templates, they make sense! I strongly recommend WINNIN’ TIME! to all law school students and bar exam takers looking for a extraordinary writing resource.

If you are a law student having issues with identifying issues on your law school exams, please invest in The Trigger List! Through his unique approach, Mr. Harris provides students with words and phrases to help identify issues that will easily earn points. I strongly recommend The Trigger List to all law students looking for a comprehensive plan to identify and attack law school and bar exam issues. Good luck! – Maggie Buchan, Esq., Cal Northern SOL Class of 2009, Valedictorian, passed the July 2009 Cal Bar Exam

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