Published On:   July 4, 2020

After receiving disappointing results for the July 2014 examination, Steven gave me the confidence I needed to pass in February 2015. Having completed Steven’s bar prep course, I now know how blindly I went into the July exam! Steven’s MBE and Performance Test methods are completely unique and unlike anything a student will find in the standard bar review classes. Standard review classes are generic, as they have to appeal to every learning style out there. I found that with this type of course, I was completely overwhelmed trying to find what worked for me. Steven doesn’t waste time on anything that doesn’t work specifically for you, and tailors the programs to your needs. The following is a breakdown of how Steven’s review course can help any student succeed on the CA bar exam:

1. The MBE Primers and Flowcharts are the product of Steven’s intense study of every multiple choice question he could find. As a result of this attention to detail, Steven has identified patterns in the questions that would never have otherwise occurred to me. If there were answers to questions that I didn’t understand, I stopped trying to understand them and just trusted the Primers/Flowcharts to be right…and they were. I’m positive my MBE score was benefited significantly by the Primers/Flowcharts.

2. People are under the very dangerous misconception that you can’t study for the Performance Test. Don’t believe what you hear! Steven’s method of PT review is, again, the product of intense study of every Performance test that has been administered in the last several decades. Just like with the multiple choice questions, Steven has identified patterns in PTs to help his students save time, answer questions efficiently, and FINISH the PT within the 3 hours.

3. Steven gives a significant amount of feedback to his students, which is extremely helpful in nailing down what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. In just two months, I changed my essay answers from long, garbled paragraphs to succinct answers that were easy to read and grade.

For any second time takers, and even for first time takers, Steven’s prep course is a must-do. I have absolutely no regrets, and would recommend it to anyone taking the California Bar Examination. — Kelly O., Esq., passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

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