Published On:   January 19, 2021

Tackling the Bar Exam seemed an impossible task. Where do you start? How do you approach studying for such a daunting exam? Luckily, I found Steven Harris.  With Steven’s tutoring program, the Bar Exam became just another exam that any law student could pass.

Steven’s carefully manicured course comes with a customized calendar that breaks down each day of the week with a task list and a time limit for each task.  It took away the burden of deciding when and how to study, and just allowed me to focus on studying.  His Evidence, Civil Procedure and Professional Responsibility boilerplates made me wish to see one of those essays on exam day.

In addition to providing substantial weekly feedback on essays, his streamlined structure for writing essays made exam day mechanical. No time was wasted on frivolous words, instead every essay was systematically written for optimal point generation.

Steven’s course really is the secret to passing the bar exam. I highly recommend you take it! – Christi Forsline, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Exam

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If you are ready for a whole new approach to California Bar Exam Tutoring, customized to your life, Steven is waiting to speak with you. First-time? Repeater? Difficulty Learning? Scheduling Conflicts? No problem. Let’s pass this test!