Published On:   May 8, 2023

When I found out I had to retake the bar exam I felt overwhelmed. I knew the things I had to do differently but I had no idea what to actually do differently and I had no idea how to balance working full time while also studying.  I knew that if I studied the same way I had the first time I took the test I would get burned out and would not be able to do my best on test day.  Steven helped me identify my areas of weakness during our one on one meetings and he tailored lessons to what I needed to work on most.  Steven provided amazing feedback and showed me the reasoning behind arriving at the correct answer by looking at the triggers.  At some point during my time studying with Steven I felt things click and the bar felt much less daunting.


One of the best aspects of my tutoring experience was my schedule.  The schedule created for me by Steven fit into my life perfectly and the essay review and memorization plans were key to my success.  During my study process I never felt as if I was unable to keep going or as if I did not know how to study best on that particular day.  The schedule created for me felt balanced between MBEs, Essays, and Performance Tests and even though I was studying a large volume of information I was able to retain it much better than I had previously.  I truly did not think that I could memorize the vast amount of information that is necessary for success on the bar exam but after completing Steven’s memorization plan I felt shocked at how easy it was to recall rules while writing during the exam.  This was a huge relief for me because I previously felt like I was scrambling at the last minute to cram information the first time I took the test.


On test day I felt confident and even calm, much to my surprise.  While I was taking the test I felt as if nothing was new or shocking and this was due to the masterful way that Steven chooses which previous essays to practice with.  Overall, my experience working with Steven changed the way I viewed the bar exam and I am so grateful and glad that I was able to work with him during my bar prep.  If you have any hesitations about working with Steven, take it from me and just sign up for the program. It will make a huge difference having someone like him to guide you through the process and when it comes to test day you know you will be as best prepared as you can be. – Felicia Viano, Esq., passed the February 2023 Cal Bar Examination

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