Published On:   July 4, 2020

As a partner at a BigLaw firm (that relocated to California at the firm’s request), I can tell you that if you’re short on time and need to pass the Cal Bar Exam the first time, you MUST go with Steven! It’s seriously the best investment you can make.

The July 2019 Cal Bar Exam was the first time I had taken a bar exam in 15 years, and as a transactions lawyer (with zero experience actually having to go to court, write a brief, or answer a complaint), I basically had to cram 3 years of law school into 2 months — all while working a full day and managing 3 associates on my team. “International Shoe”? Huh? Is that a shoe store? Supplemental jurisdiction? I had no idea what that was. So, was passing the most difficult bar exam in the country the first time, a daunting task? Yes. But an impossible feat? NO! Not with Steven’s help and the rest of the Calweasel Point Generator Series materials.

After an initial consultation, Steven was able to understand how I studied best in order to put together a study regimen for my busy work schedule. Steven’s expertise taught me how to effectively take the California bar exam and PASS it the first time. The Calweasel Point Generator Materials were super helpful. WINNIN’ TIME! was a life saver. No big voluminous books, no overflowing outlines. Just concise materials that were easy to read, understand, and most importantly — easy to MEMORIZE.

Because I was taking the attorney’s exam (which was essays only), Steven knew that if I could focus on mastering the dreaded Performance Test (the PT), your chances of passing the exam skyrocket. So, that’s exactly what we focused on — CRUSHING the PT! It was the best strategy for me in taking this exam.

Steven’s tried and true “Memorization Period” strategy was also huge. It told me how to use literally every hour of the day in the last two weeks leading up to the exam to effectively memorize every subject that would be tested on the exam. I only took off two weeks of work (yes, two weeks, though we started working together earlier), to cram for the exam. Not only did I feel like I had a good handle on every subject for the bar exam, I KNEW I would pass the exam.

Bottom line is this: If you’re short on time, and need to pass this exam while working a full time job, I HIGHLY recommend Steven’s services. It’s the best possible investment you can make! — BigLaw Partner, Esq., passed the July 2019 Cal Bar Examination

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