Published On:   May 12, 2023

Steven was an integral in my success on the February 2023 exam.  I felt overwhelmed and lost when I met Steven, but the detailed schedule and materials provided broke down the bar exam and shifted my mindset.  It finally felt doable, and even predictable!  After working with Steven, I no longer second-guessed if I could pass or what the graders were looking for.  I knew what was required to get a passing score.  I walked into the test confident and prepared.


Steven’s WINNIN’ TIME!, The Trigger List and MBE practice proved crucial to my success.  I benefited from Steven’s comprehensive feedback on essays and saw my MBE score greatly improve.  In addition, Steven’s positive attitude made me feel like I could pass the test from the beginning; Steven never doubted my ability to pass so I didn’t either.  I felt supported and understood.  I received personalized feedback that addressed my weaknesses, so much so that my weaknesses became my strengths.  Steven not only helped me understand how to pass the bar exam, but also made me a better lawyer in the process.

Thank you again Steven! — UC Law SF alumna, Esq., passed the February 2023 California Bar Examination

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