Published On:   July 4, 2020

Trust the process! Seriously. I highly recommend Steven Harris as a tutor. His tips and tricks made the bar exam so much more approachable and less daunting the second time around.

The first time I took the bar exam, I had failed by a very small margin. I was upset and disappointed. Steven understood everything I was going through and was there to pick up the pieces and was so instrumental in helping me move forward.

Once I began to trust his process, everything slowly started to fall into place. Issue spotting on the essays became easier. Steven’s The Trigger List was so instrumental in helping me spot the issues for the crazy crossover questions this year. The performance test became much more straightforward and I wasn’t getting every other question wrong on the MBEs anymore. By exam time, I felt confident and ready to take it on.

Thank you again, Steven. — Y. N., Esq. – passed the February 2018 California Bar Examination

TUTOR NOTE: the February 2018 Cal Bar Exam had a 27.3% pass rate. According to the Cal Bar’s General Bar Examination Pass Rate Summary, the 27.3% pass rate was the lowest in the 67 years covered on the chart). The other pass rates lower than 30% on any exam (February or July, or the Spring or Fall exam as it was known before February 1988) from 1951 – 2018 were:

Spring 1983 27.7%

Spring 1984 29.5%

Spring 1986 28.1%.

In other words, job well done to all applicants passing the February 2018 Cal Bar Exam!

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