Published On:   November 14, 2022

I can’t speak highly enough about the WINNIN’ TIME! book. During the course of my bar studies I used the  WINNIN’ TIME! book just as much, if not more than my Barbri books. While traditional bar courses offer great lectures & MBE materials, WINNIN’ TIME! is the best when it comes to essay preparation and rule memorization. The mnemonics are easy to remember & the elements of the law are broken down into their simplest forms. Whenever I was lost or confused, I immediately turned to  WINNIN’ TIME!  & it gave me all the confidence I needed. I don’t think anyone has written a book that is so simple, yet so amazing when it comes to my Bar prep. I found that my cookie cutter bar course books would overcomplicate issues or rule elements.  This book did just the opposite. This book is the one-stop shop for every subject tested on the bar exam & everyone should have it. — Taric Mansour, Esq., passed the July 2022 California Bar Exam

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