Published On:   July 4, 2020

Professor Harris has been a wonderful teacher and his instruction has been an integral part to my success. I entered my first year at UC Hastings not knowing a thing about how to approach law school or exams. Yet with Professor Harris’s simple yet effective techniques, I managed to place in the top 6% of my class after the first year and will now be transferring to Berkeley Law. Two simple words drilled into my head over the course of the semester essentially set me up for success: “Requires/because.” Professor Harris will break down and simply a course of action for you to overcome any challenges you encounter with law school or the Bar.

Professor Harris’ feedback is second to none. Even on our first, ungraded memo, Professor Harris provided so much feedback that it exceeded the full length of our memos. His guidance is superb and I can’t recommend him enough. I will definitely be looking to get in touch with him two years from now when it comes time to take the Bar. — Victor Twu, Hastings 1L, Berkeley Law 2L

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