Published On:   February 2, 2021

The only regret you will have about Steven’s program is that you did not hire him sooner!

As a repeat bar taker, you must explore what strategy will be most effective to pass the exam, as your prior strategies did not work.  At the same time, you must remain engaged, mentally strong and positive during the stress of studying again for the bar exam. Repeating the bar exam can feel overwhelming.  It is challenging to remain positive about an exam you have previously failed.  Steven Harris’ use of self with his humor, honesty, directness, and knowledge will help alleviate emotional stress about studying, while at the same time, providing you with a streamlined effective approach to passing the California bar.

I struggled with time management on my previous bar attempts.  I did not effectively complete PTs and Essays within the time allotted. Steven’s program focuses on writing concisely and using streamlined rule statements.  I completed so many essays in a simulated test environment that by the time the actual bar exam occurred, I felt like it was another day of practicing at home!  Complicated topics became simplified with Steven’s WINNIN’ TIME! book that breaks the material down into “digestible” material you can easily IRAC for the bar graders.

During my bar studies, I struggled with one particular Real Property Exam and I’ll never forget that Steven said to always remember that the subject matter will not get to you as long as you approach each essay in the same methodological way.  He compared it to wine as I told him I like wine.  Steven said that you may have a merlot you don’t like (i.e., Real Property question about Equitable Servitude) but hey it is still wine, you got this!  When I took the bar and passed this time, there were certain topics within a subject, I did not particularly care for or anticipate being on the exam.  However, I remembered the Real Property essay I wrote for Steven, breathed, and stuck to Steven’s format.  I did not let the subject matter throw me off.  Further, during Essay Review Week, you will see so many essays and review them which is great preparation for the bar exam.

Steven’s PT program is easily one of the best investments you can make in your studies. Steven will teach you how to cover the broad material and present it to the graders in the 90 minutes provided.  I did not let the overwhelming amount of online material get to me as I practiced over and over again using Steven’s approach and utilizing the permissible blank scratch paper.

Steven’s program helped me improve my MBE score by looking for the patterns and similar ways the Bar tests on issues.  Steven has a book for the MBE (MBE Primers and Flowcharts) that has flowcharts which are absolutely a game changer!

Steven’s program simply works.  If you want to pass the bar exam, stay focused, stay positive, stay determined, and stick to Steven’s program to generate points! — UC Irvine Law Repeater, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Examination

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