Published On:   July 1, 2020

WINNIN’ TIME!, the “White Knight” of study aids.

Just like any student in an evening law school program, who works full time, goes to school 3 nights a week and attempts to lead a normal life (ha, ha), I found 1L a bit challenging. I was lost in the woods, I couldn’t see my way through to clear concise rule statements, and was having trouble organizing my essays. I was doing okay in my classes. However I wanted that extra edge. You know, the one that would launch me to the top, or near the top, of my class.

Then I attended my first Steven Harris workshop and purchased WINNIN’ TIME! Like a white knight from a fairy- tale, WINNIN’ TIME! swooped down and rescued me. It showed me the forest for the trees, (a helpful hint as to how bar examiners and professors test the subjects), laid out clear concise rule statements (just the way I had been trying to say them and more importantly, just how my professors liked them), and organized the rules into multi- factor issues, as well as offering “boilerplate” outlines for extra tough subjects which allowed me to attack each essay with an already proven game plan. My very next set of exams, my grades were 5-10 points higher than they had been previously.

I firmly believe that WINNIN’ TIME! gives me the confidence and the tools I need to succeed as a law student. I have been using WINNIN’ TIME! for the last two years and highly recommend it to all my fellow students. – Sophia Meyer, Cal Northern School of Law, Student Bar Association President

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