Published On:   July 3, 2020


If Steven’s tutoring program needed a poster child, then hands down, that would be me. I had everything stacked against me. Repeater, non ABA school, and special student, which means no undergrad degree and I had to take and pass the baby bar during law school.

Memorizing endless outlines, does not work for me, but the way Steve’s book WINNIN’ TIME! lays out all the rules for you makes it easier to manage and to compartmentalize the information in your head.

Essays can be difficult for some. Law school does not necessarily teach you to write the way the bar wants you to. Spend some time with Steven and his program and it will all click. He has spent countless hours pulling apart past essays, he has figured it out and you will be amazed at how simple it really can be once you are focusing your energy in the correct area.

PT’s might as well have been a brick wall, without a doubt the one thing that was standing between me and passing the bar. However I took Steven’s PT seminar, in January before the February 2012 California Bar Exam, and without a doubt this was the best thing I had done in preparation for my test. Once I saw his method of how to pull apart a PT exam, the light bulb clicked and the result was a letter from the State Bar of California telling me that they were delighted to inform me that I had passed their test!

I had tried other bar prep courses, they were good, but they were not for me, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and pulling information from everywhere. I needed more individualized attention and better focus. With Steven’s program I felt that my study time was more productive.

When I say individualized I am not kidding. You are not just a number with Steven, he truly cares whether or not you pass. Now, of course he has a vested interest in whether or not you pass, but I believe he really does personally care separately from a business interest. Case in point, the July 2011 bar exam. The Bar Gods were not liking me. During day one of the exam I had a medical problem which flared up and rendered one arm unusable, and caused a great deal of pain. Everyone told me to quit I called Steven for advice and Steven was the only one that said “keep going if you can, what do you have to lose at this point?” (I did not want to quit.) He gave me a pep talk, built up my confidence and I pushed through and finished it.

A couple of months later I received notification from the bar that only two of my answers had uploaded and that I would be receiving a grade of zero for the other six. After some inquiry I discovered that there had been a technical problem and indeed the bar did not have my answers. They found my answers and were able to see that there was a technical problem. Great right? Now they can grade my essays, right? Wrong. Although the bar is not out to punish anyone, and they truly are not, they still have rules that they have to follow otherwise it would be mayhem and in order to have my answers graded I was going to have to appeal to the committee of Bar Examiners and time was of the essence because results at this point were due out in two weeks. I called Steven for guidance and even though I had only signed on for his “A la Carte” program he stepped up and helped me write the letter to the committee. He kept in constant contact with me until I had heard from them. Eventually we won the appeal and my answers were graded. Steven went above and beyond what he had signed up for, because he cared about whether or not I passed on a personal level. I did not pass that time, I knew it was a long shot with one arm, but if I had not had my essays graded then I was failing for sure. In the end I just missed it, but he gave me some good advice and told me to shake it off, and get going for the next one, which I did with his help and I passed. I highly recommend video taping the uploading process of your answers!

If you do exactly what he tells you, then there is no reason that you would not pass. If you don’t pass you need to ask yourself, “Did I do everything he told me?” and if you answer honestly then the answer would be NO.

I am very grateful to my friends for referring me to Steven Harris. I would not have passed the bar without his help.

Shirley Boyd, Esq. (passed the February 2012 Cal Bar Examination)

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