Published On:   July 30, 2020

Steven gave me the best advice I heard regarding the bar exam: ‘Don’t be creative!’

I’m a ‘right-brain’ person, i.e. I’m better at conceptual and creative thinking than ‘left-brain’ people, who are better at linear thinking and at applying recipes to solve problems. The bar exam is very much a left-brain exercise: applying rules to facts patterns and arrive at sound conclusions. Steven’s technique really helped me focus on the mechanics of the bar examination, and adapt my right-brain style to what the examiners want to see: the ‘model’ answer. In addition to Steven’s personal tutoring, his WINNIN’ TIME! book was very valuable because I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and come up with my own formulation of the rules. Steven’s recipe worked!” – Sebastien Raoux, Ph.D., Esq., tutored from France and California via Skype, passed February 2009

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