Published On:   January 10, 2021

While no one wants to have to take the Bar 3 times, I could not imagine doing this process without the Steven’s help. Having previously used Bar/Bri for my first two attempts, I knew that I needed a more guided and personal approach for my third attempt. Within the first week of contacting Steven and signing up with the program, he sent a personalized calendar alongside instructions and materials that would prove to be indispensable for the upcoming Bar.

Steven’s methods and materials are exactly what I wish I had known the first two times I took the Bar as they help break down the daunting task of memorizing and applying hundreds of different issues across multiple different subjects. Steven’s memorization plan allowed me to worry less on trying to memorize every small detail and instead focus on actually learning the material. Steven’s knowledge regarding everything related to the Bar exam is second to none and the information he provides was integral in my ability to pass.

I am both excited and relieved to have passed the Bar and I know that Steven provided me with everything possible to allow me to do so. I hope that this testimonial can shed light upon the type of program Steven runs and I encourage anyone reading this to use Steven Harris’ tutoring program. – Santa Clara alum, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Examination

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