Published On:   November 20, 2022

Steven’s program put me in the best position to finally pass the bar after multiple attempts. I tried Barbri, BarMax, Lean Sheets, Mary Basick, and flashcard services: all helpful in some form, but none of them as effective as Steven. He transformed my writing with constructive, brutally honest feedback and he prepared me for every issue that I could possibly encounter in any essay and PT. In my case, I did Steven’s program twice; the first time I did not study full-time and was not ready to take accountability, and yet he brought me the closest ever to passing! The second time I committed 100%: I studied full-time, accepted my weaknesses, and I put in the work to eliminate them. Steven’s program works and I am eternally grateful for his help. — July 2022 Examinee, Esq., passed the July 2022 California Bar Examination

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