Published On:   July 2, 2020

Thanks Steven for your coaching . I have recommended you to several of my friends repeating the California Bar exam. Only those of us who have taken this bad boy numerous times really get the flavor of the bar exam. And what a bitter pill it is to swallow. Nauseating. But you helped me to have fortitude and perseverance. It was fantastic to be sworn in tonight.

I was very skeptical to use Steven as I had spent thousands on tutors and other reputable bar reviews. All of these other systems did help in some ways but Steven helped me the most by far. So, anyway, I took a leap of faith and worked with Steven.

My Biggest Problem Issue Spotting:

I did the week long Issue spotting techniques in The Trigger List, even though I feared it was not going to be the best use of my time especially so close to the exam. I was proved wrong! Midway through the week I started to see many patterns played out for the subjects. The bar is somewhat predictable about the issues it tests. If I knew these inside and out it made sense that I could pass! I think Steven was instrumental in my passing last July 09. His PR is fabulous. His evidence and civ pro works. His method is very doable. Just follow it and keep going.

Reading Issues Slowly:

My problems were numerous on the essays and the PTs. Steven’s method cut straight to the heart of the essays and PT for me. He focused me on what I had to write and gave me a set time frame I learned to follow. I like his method and it was very workable. I found out through this journey I have a reading problem. I read slowly and can’t comprehend thoroughly when I try to read quickly, this really proved to be quite an impediment to passing the PTs as it lead me to feel so anxious that I was running out of time and this lead to poorly organized writing which is the kiss of death for the PT. But Steven helped me cut through the fat and right to the meat and potatoes of the task at hand. His method taught me how to finish within the time frame.

Scheduling of Study Time:

I was so afraid I did not have the necessary time as I had to work so I almost did not take the July bar. But Steven’s techniques focused me and really lead me through it. I felt well-prepared though I only had six weeks and worked for four of them part-time.

Memorizing Black Letter Law:

Steven gave me a way to memorize. He is great for those of us with learning disabilities because he understands our need for more time to let the rules sink into our heads. His structure over the last 10-11 days was very good. It got me through it and it was very good for me to quickly doodle the mnemonics on my scratch paper for the subject I was being tested on during the actual bar exam. It calmed me. It gave me an approach so I would see necessary issues. I never felt better while taking the Bar because I knew the law. It also helped me on the MBEs tremendously. All the other bar prep courses left me drifting during the last two weeks before the bar but Steven provided the necessary structure. It was crucial. YOU WILL PASS THE BAR with these tools. You do not need anything else. Just follow what he says to do.” – Norah Lamond, Esq., passed the July 2009 California Bar Examination.

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