Published On:   July 4, 2020

Hello Steve:

I just wanted to give you some wonderful news! I went ahead and took the bar exam (I did call them after my grandfather’s passing and because he was an immediate family member, they would have credited the entire amount). But because the funeral was the Friday after the exam, I took the exam anyway.

And my name appears on the pass list!!!!!!

I was not able to check on Friday and Saturday because I was out of town. And I can no longer check by inputting my file number/applicant number. So I am just praying that the pass list is not a mistake and that my name is actually supposed to appear on that list.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I know that it was the wonderful feedback and instruction that I received from you that did it this time for me. I know that PT A was hard for a lot of people but this one did not throw me because I just took a deep breath and applied exactly everything that you taught me. I mean EVERYTHING!!! I did not question it – I just did it!

I will confirm with you once I actually receive my letter. But it feels so good to say: I PASSED!!!!!

Thank you again for all that you do! Nicole Richardson, Esq., passed the July 2013 California Bar Examination

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