Published On:   November 15, 2021

Steven was an incredibly important and positive figure in my long journey to pass the bar exam.  I passed on my 6th attempt with a 7 month old baby after working in ADR for 6 years.  After spending my first two years out of law school repeatedly taking the bar exam, I needed tutoring from someone who deeply understood the exam and could teach me how to see it for what it was (and what it wasn’t).  Some of the most important realities of the bar exam are really hard to see unless you’ve done the work of The Trigger List.  I benefited tremendously from Steve’s predictable writing structure which made it possible for me to complete essays in the way that is credited on the exam.  Now that I’ve passed, I feel like I’ve gotten a piece of myself back.  I am so grateful that I had Steven’s support and care as I learned to pass this most difficult exam.  I highly recommend him to anyone.  — New Parent, Esq., passed the July 2021 California Bar Exam.  

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