Published On:   July 2, 2020

On the final minute of the last day of the July 2010 California Bar, I slammed down my pencil and thought, “Now that’s how you take a Bar exam!” No doubt I would not have been able to have that experience without Steve’s help. The Point Generator System works! As a repeat taker, I had plenty of experience in what does not work. For the first time, I had road map for how to attack anything the Bar examiners wanted to throw at me. During the exam, I even smiled when I recognized the traps that I used to fall for. Steve’s system gave me a structure and format that boosted my confidence. I would recommend his system for first time takers, repeat takers and law student alike. Thank you, Steve, for the Calweasel Point Generator System. – Myles Montgomery, Esq., McGeorge alum, passed the July 2010 Cal Bar, 4-month program.

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