Published On:   May 22, 2021

I am so pleased and relieved to say that I passed the bar exam in February 2021 ! After having taking the bar exam during prior administrations both in person and online, I found myself in a position that barely missed the mark each time. My problem was not that I did not know material or didn’t put in the work, but my test anxiety put me in a situation that didn’t accurately reflect my knowledge, skills and abilities, or preparation. Ultimately, I not only realized that my test anxiety was likely the root of these issues, but eventually also hit a wall in terms of finding new approaches and/or material to effectively tackle my issues.

I was entirely out of ideas when I spoke with Steven and decided to give his novel approach a try. I also made sure to emphasize the fact that my anxiety was a huge part of the problem, and Steven assured me that he would make sure “there was no possible way to have anxiety by the time [he] was done teaching [me] the material.” He was right!

Steven’s books and materials are different from other bar prep companies and tutors because he provides a very clear, concise and simple big picture outlines /flow charts. Steven also provides his students with material in the way that it is actually tested on the examination, versus providing the whole hornbook of a particular area of law as other companies often do. I really do believe the simplification is what allowed me to change my approach and prepare me for virtually any type of question that could appear on the exam.

Lastly, I’m not sure if the bar will permanently become an online examination, but if this is that’s the case then Steven is the coach for you! I  would not only recommend Steven for any bar preparation course, but would also recommend his books and other materials for any current law students or as a supplement to your bar prep. — Nita S., Esq., passed the February 2021 California Bar Examination

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