Published On:   July 4, 2020

I discovered Steven Harris’ Point Generator program through a posting on a bar exam forum. I did some more research and decided to work with Steven.

We started the 2-month program with an introductory session on the exam, its components, the program’s calendar and various resources for the preparation. Over the next 2 months, I immersed myself in the Point Generating mindset. It was difficult. Steven’s method is unorthodox and would shock the conscience of most law school graduates. It took me over a fortnight to appreciate the wisdom of his technique. The exam is about knowing the law but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. That is the visible part of the exam. That is what everyone is trained to do in the 3 years at law school. It’s the hidden portion that is difficult to master. It includes things like – when you see a fact pattern which issues should you write and which ones do you need to avoid, what do the graders look for in a PT answer, how much law should one write in the answers, what does analysis mean from the exam perspective and the importance of the words – “requires” and “because” in the answer. I did not know them, or at least not in a structured way. By the time the exam was 2 weeks away, I felt confident to pass and it was only because of Steven’s program. He has distilled some very unique and valuable insights on the grading criteria of the written parts of the test and has truly demonstrated his mastery in guiding students on how to meet those criteria. I am forever indebted to Steven for being my guide in this expedition. I hope that Steven will continue his mission to help many more achieve success. — Loyola Law School Alum, Esq., passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

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