Published On:   July 3, 2020

Steven’s system works. Two of my friends were repeaters and they both passed the bar exam with Steven’s guidance. I followed their lead and hired Steve in hopes that he would lead me to success as well. While I took the bar exam, I worked part time for 5 hours and I studied for 6 hours a day. I had to work while studying because I didn’t want to put my entire life on hold for this test. Frankly, I couldn’t have done it without Steve’s tutoring program, WINNIN’ TIME!, The Trigger List and MBE Primers and Flowcharts.

Steven’s system is very methodical. It’s flexible in the order that you do things but the bottom line is that you have to do what he tells you to do. He will find your weaknesses and force you to think like the bar examiners. He will show you tricks to save time and spend more time on what matters. You have to put faith in his system because his system works. It worked for two of my friends and it worked for me.

If you don’t hire Steve as a tutor, at least purchase WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List. If you had to choose ONLY one book, then buy WINNIN’ TIME! WINNIN’ TIME! could have been my ticket into Law Review! The book was essential for my bar exam studies and I put more faith in WINNIN’ TIME! over any Barbri or Kaplan book. In WINNIN’ TIME!, he condenses the law into one book that can lead you to victory. With hard work and the right tools, you too can pass the California bar exam! — Lily Nhan, Esq., passed the California Bar Examination

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