Published On:   July 4, 2020

Steven was the guide I needed to pass the California Bar Exam!

His individualized program addressed my weaknesses, allowed for flexibility with work/life balance, and provided actionable feedback on both essays and MBEs. I have zero regrets with trusting Steven’s methodology; the individualized calendar he provides for a student hits all bar topics in a curated way that ensures the student has the time to explore the breadth and depth of the information necessary to pass. By following his calendar, I knew I wasn’t wasting a single minute focusing on tasks not beneficial to the goal of passing. It was seamless to wake up and already have my day planned, knowing I’d hit both essays and MBEs in a calculated frequency and depth conducive to passing the Bar.

I can share how his training prepared me for seeing a bar essay topic that many of my friends later admitted they had no idea how to answer. In contrast, I had reviewed the framework of this left-field essay question less than a week before the exam due to Steven’s study calendar and instantly knew the rules and analysis that the examiners were looking for. Moreover, Steven’s Performance Test system is alone worth the price of admission. Before working with Steven, I suffered from never feeling like I had enough time on the PT to substantively answer the question to pass. Steven’s system taught me to quick identify which points were relevant and how to confidently attack any PT thrown my way.

As a repeat test taker, I wish I would have worked with Steven the first time through! I highly recommend working with Steven. — Karin Hjorth, Esq. (passed the February 2020 California Bar Examination)

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