Published On:   July 4, 2020

I signed up for the 3-month tutoring program and I am so happy that I did because I PASSED the February 2019 California Bar Exam! After several failed attempts and spending so much money on other major prep courses, I was really disappointed, frustrated and defeated. I contacted Steven and he was extremely helpful since day one. Steven is also a repeat test taker and this is really helpful because he knows the struggles repeaters go through. When I told Steven my memorization approach (writing out what seemed like a million flashcards and writing outline after outline) – he said he had also done this when he was studying and that these methods had also not worked out for him. His program has a far better method for memorization and thank goodness it does not involve flashcards.

Steven provides you with a monthly day-to-day calendar. During the week, I would do all the assignments and then I would meet with him once a week and we would discuss MBEs, essays and Performance Tests. I would submit essays during the week and Steven would provide me with written feedback and we would also discuss them during our meetings. This was very helpful because he would tell me exactly what I was doing wrong or what I was doing right. Also, Steven’s method to approaching the Performance Test made a world of difference. When I started applying Steven’s method, my scores immediately jumped from 55/60 to 70s and I was also able to finish on time. On the day of the exam, I killed the PT and this felt very empowering during the exam and boosted my confidence which is exactly what you need during this nerve-wracking exam.

Steven also provided 1-on-1 MBE tutoring. We discussed each subject and he gave me tips and tricks for each subject. He also tells you which area of the subject you should focus your studying and which areas generate the most points. For Property MBEs, he even has a method on how to approach RAP MBEs which are some of the most difficult and time-consuming MBEs.

Overall, I think Steven’s program was worth every penny and I definitely recommend this program. Thank you so much Steven. — Lorena Garcia, Esq., passed the February 2019 California Bar Examination

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