Published On:   January 11, 2021

I felt lost with my commercial Bar prep course.  I thought I would be on the right track as long as I studied for a ridiculous amount of hours and checked off all my assignments for the day.  This system works great for some people, but I learned I wasn’t one of those people.  I knew that in order to be successful on this exam I would have to find someone to hold me accountable and provide me feedback tailored to my needs.  Steve was recommended to me by a few friends and I reached out shortly after I found out I failed the exam.

Steven created a calendar for me that detailed exactly what I needed to do that day and every day until the day of the exam.  Most importantly, the schedule allowed me to continue working full-time and incorporated necessary “breaks” to avoid burning out.  I was nervous about the breaks at first but Steven taught me that it’s more important to “study smarter not harder.”  The calendar provided the accountability that I felt was missing from my commercial course – because if I fell behind, I’d have to answer to Steven.

Steven helped me see the issues I was missing and how to organize, break down each element, and come up with analysis even when I didn’t know what to talk about.  The Trigger List showed me how words trigger specific issues in essays.  More importantly, I became able to spot patterns and see how certain issues are tied together.  WINNIN’ TIME! provided concise, straightforward rule statements that made memorizing manageable.

During our weekly meetings we’d thoroughly discuss the essays, PTs, and multiple choice assigned that week.  Steven provided consistent feedback, highlighting my areas of strength and noting what I needed to work on.  However, the greatest thing I got out of our meetings was constant encouragement that my hard work would pay off in the end, and of course he was right.  – Hastings Alumna, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Examination

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