Published On:   November 13, 2022

I am an ex-military, RN, who decided to go to law school at night while continuing to work full time and raising a family of 4 kids. I looked at several bar review programs and decided to go with Steven. Why? I needed a military-type of guidance that will keep me in a straight and disciplined path while meeting the desired objectives along the way. I will be blunt. Steven is tough. He gave me an earful more than once when I was deviating from the plan – and that’s exactly what I needed. A drill sergeant who will keep me focused. Guess what, his game plan works! By the time I was done with the program I was super ready. I used to be scared stiff of the PT but by exam day, I was chomping at the bit to tackle PT. His memorization is the BEST part of the program. It made the essays so manageable and here’s a bonus – Steven’s predictions of what subjects may show up are almost always on the nose. Pay attention to that little gem! Lastly, the MBE review worked perfect for me. Take this – I actually finished the MBEs 1/2 hour ahead of everyone and felt really good afterwards. I understand spending $$$ for a bar review program can be a tough decision especially if there are cheaper alternatives, but if you are serious about passing, look no further and reserve one of the spots with Steven. He made me realize that the bar exam is almost like a game, a sadistic one at that, and there are “hidden” gems that you will never learn in school and perhaps in other review programs either, and he will help unlock those for you. I highly recommend Steven! — Carlo B., Esq., Southern California Institute of Law alum, passed the July 2022 California Bar Examination

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