Published On:   November 14, 2021

I am so grateful to Steven for helping me prepare for and pass the California Bar exam on my first attempt!  I took the July 2021 Bar exam and was among the 2% of applicants who lost time on their tests during the remote video proctoring COVID-19 era.  During my first essay, I experienced internet issues and was on hold with ExamSoft for twenty minutes awaiting a validation code.  During Essay #4 and my Performance Test, I experienced white screens and was prevented from accessing the exam for about forty-five minutes, while I awaited another validation code.  Feeling defeated, I almost considered withdrawing after the first day, but Steven encouraged me to persevere.  I do not know where I would have been without his MBE tips and essay outlines.  Steven’s WINNIN’ TIME! book and boilerplates are invaluable for the Bar exam and beyond.  During a post-Bar Law Clerk position, I was asked to draft a memo regarding potential evidentiary hurdles pursuant to California law.  I knew exactly which issues to research and write about, thanks to Steven’s Evidence boilerplate and even brought WINNIN’ TIME! to work to refresh my recollection as to one of the California distinctions.  The attorney who assigned me the task gave me positive feedback regarding the memo and told me that it would be very useful for trial preparation.  I would highly recommend Steven’s services to anyone who wants to succeed on the California Bar exam. — Regent University Alumna, Esq., passed the July 2021 California Bar Examination

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