Published On:   January 27, 2021

I cannot thank Steven enough for helping me pass the California bar exam. It would have been difficult without him as I worked full time and was a foreign applicant. We started to work on the study plan in January and then – the lockdown began. We amended the schedule two more times, which means that Steven spent many more hours on preparing me for the exam than initially planned. He was very accommodating and adjusted the study plan to my changing personal situation, welcoming the first child in my family shortly before the exam. His teaching methods work – they require a lot of self-discipline, reading, doing the multiple-choice tests and writing essays every week, not to mention the memorization in the last two weeks before the exam. He knows what the exams test and provides this knowledge almost taking you by the hand. Thank you, Steven for all your time and effort! — Dorota, Esq., European Bar Taker, passed the October 2020 California Bar Examination

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