Published On:   July 4, 2020

I have been practicing public defense in Brooklyn, New York, for eight years and this was my third attempt at the CA Bar Exam. Going into the February exam was daunting for all the usual reasons, plus I was going to be taking 10 days off in January to finish a yoga teacher training in Puerto Rico. Steven assured me at the outset that he thought I could pull it off– and I did. Steven is not your friend, or your therapist, or your personal cheerleader. What he is is an incredibly effective bar tutor. His instructions are clear, his method is stream-lined, and if you hang in there, pay attention, and do what he says, chances are you’ll pass the exam. I believe that his training with respect to PT prep was ESSENTIAL to my passing the bar exam. At the beginning of the bar prep period, I was consumed with despair every time I sat down to attack a PT. I had full blown anxiety attacks. By the time the bar exam came, I was full of confidence and sailed through the PTs without issue.

I would recommend Steven for anyone willing to put in the work to sit for the bar exam. He’s worth it. — Elizabeth Latimer, Esq., passed the February 2014 Cal Bar Examination

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