Published On:   May 10, 2021

Steven Harris’ program was really made for passing the bar exam. For the essays, the program breaks down the essays into memoizable, ready-to-use rules and clear structures for essay formatting so that you can churn out passing essays without the guess work. For the multiple choice, the program breaks down each subject into topics with tables that are easy to follow and help you understand the nuance in the rules. I think Steven does the best job in teaching for the performance test. It actually really explains what the test is looking for and how to review the library properly for all the information you need. In general, I think the course is great at cutting through all the nonsense and getting at the heart of what the bar is looking for in order to pass with the least amount of stress. Although I live on the East Coast, Steven had no problem using Zoom and accommodating the time zone difference. Finally, it was not easy adapting to the idea of jumping into bar study again after getting the bad news about the October exam. Steven was patient and understood how much of studying was about the test taker’s mental state and even tailored the course to help me ease back into studying when I wasn’t too keen on it initially. — Big Law, Esq., passed the February 2021 California Bar Examination

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