Published On:   July 4, 2020

Attorney Takers:

I have all of the weaknesses of the repeat millennial bar applicant; I can’t focus around electronics, I make excuses to interrupt studying, and I never use mnemonics! I passed the Virginia bar exam with Kaplan and the Maryland bar with Barbri and I thought I had all the answers.

Despite my convictions, and after walking out of the July 2018 bar exam post-Bar/Bri certain I passed, I discovered that I failed the exam. Barred in two other states, I was stunned and had to evaluate why I had done so poorly. As such I identified several reasons:

1. Bosses interrupting me and erasing “time off”

2. Information overload (The California Bar material is overwhelming)

3. Underwhelming essay samples

4. Unmanageable outlines (even the Conviser)

5. AWOL photographic memory of my youth I thought California was like other jurisdictions.

I thought the challenge for bar exams was “thinking like an attorney.” I thought if I identified the major issues and CRAC’d as a practicing attorney I would be fine.

Instead I learned pretty quickly that:

1. No prior bar exam can prepare you for California

2. You *must* recreate your thinking from Attorney to Student to pass the California Bar

3. You must issue spot *all*(you heard me) of the Bar issues and do legal analysis of as many as possible

That is where Professor Steven Harris comes in.

1. Advice on avoiding all distractions, employment or otherwise.

2. Only what you need to pass the bar

3. Essay samples that overachieved

4. By far the most concise and accurate outlines I’ve seen in my 4 bar preparations

5. Oversight during weekly meetings to make certain you are on track

I felt very confident when I took my first CA exam. I saw the major issues, 3 or 4 per essay. I CRAC’d them and moved on to the next. My performance wasn’t nearly good enough.

After going through Professor Steven Harris’ program, the exam was like I was living a scene from the Matrix. I saw the Code to pass, I saw ten issues per essay. I knew what the test takers wanted. I passed and I feel confident that I passed comfortably.

Please talk to Professor Harris before you consider the assembly line bar review courses. If you have any concern whatsoever about applying your academic skill set to this terrible, awful exam, PLEASE give him a call. I assure you, you won’t regret it and it is worth every penny. — Attorney Applicant, Esq., passed the February 2019 California Bar Examination, 2015 Maryland Bar Examination, and 2013 Virginia Bar Examination.

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