Published On:   January 11, 2021

I’m an attorney applicant who passed the NY bar exam 20 years ago.  I had a non-legal career for the majority of the time since. I tried to study for the CA Attorneys’ Exam on my own but wasn’t able to pass in February 2020.  Without Steven’s tutoring, I’m certain I would’ve failed October’s exam as well.  His teaching method is unique and doesn’t focus on memorization, which was the most intimidating part of the whole process for me since I was so far out from law school.  I felt like there was just an insurmountable amount of information to relearn and that I might not ever pass.  However, I found Steven’s innovative approach, which focuses on issue spotting and writing technique, easily digestible.  In fact, there is zero memorization involved until the last two weeks of the study schedule.

Steven’s WINNIN’ TIME! and Trigger List books were unlike any other study aids I found online.  His essay writing approach, boilerplate templates and PT approach were easy to apply and anxiety-reducing, in part, because of their simplicity.  His one-to-one tutoring sessions were engaging and informative.  As a person, he was extremely direct and did not sugarcoat anything but was also encouraging and understanding.  He was accommodating and adjusted my schedule multiple times, as I was dealing with some unexpected medical problems.  Also, he is hilarious.

Since I can’t speak to his MBE tutoring, my advice to any attorney applicant is, if you are more than three years out of law school, take a full 10-12 weeks off from work and hire Steve.  If you can’t hire him, I think that his books alone can help you pass.  I know I would not have passed without them.  – Attorney Applicant, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Examination

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