Published On:   November 14, 2021

Steven Harris and WINNIN’ TIME! were the secret to my success in passing the July 2021 California Bar Exam.  Steven provided me with the tools, strategies, and confidence necessary to unlock my potential.  His approach to mastering the bar exam is mechanical and simple.  Essential in the high stress environment leading up to and during the bar.  The only mistake I made was waiting too long to call him.

When I sat down at the beginning of Summer 2021 to study for the bar, I was overwhelmed.  I had purchased a commercial pre course and the mountain of materials was a monolith in the middle of my living room serving as a reminder of how daunting an endeavor bar prep was going to be.  I did not know how I was going to do it.  I was a single father in the middle of a pandemic homeschooling two kids. I was also burned out from finishing a dual JD/MBA in 3 years, participating in two moot court competitions, finalizing a contentious divorce, and preparing to move abroad for two years.  So, I fell back on my Army training – brute force studying and no sleep. But that wasn’t sustainable. I fell behind the first week and kept falling behind.  Every day I was overwhelmed with more fear, anxiety, and dread. Then I got WINNIN’ TIME!. Then I got Steven.  Then I got a plan. It changed my life, and it will change your life too.

At first, I thought I was tough enough to take on the bar by myself.  After all, as an aviator I have flown in the most intense environments.  I have had emergencies that have taken me to the precipice of death.  I have even been in an air crash that totaled the airplane.  As an Army officer, I was the tip of the spear – forward deployed to Libera to support the global Ebola effort.  I made it through Army Basic Training and Officer Candidate school at Fort Benning, GA when the Army was downsizing.  Stress is my constant companion and copilot, but the Bar exam was something else.  You need help to be successful.  You need a mentor.  You need a Steven Harris.

My advice to anyone about to take the bar is don’t hesitate to call Steven!  I waited until I had 5 weeks left to pull the trigger.  I waited till I was in a knife fight with the bar.  Steven was my combat multiplier. He was my air support, my artillery, and my tank division.  He was my secret weapon — US Army Veteran, Esq., passed the July 2021 California Bar Examination.

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