Published On:   January 18, 2021

As I was pondering whether or not to take the bar exam again for the 6th time (last exam being two years ago), I knew I had to do something drastically different this time around.  As a result, I decided to hire a tutor for the first time and started looking for bar prep tutors online.  Out of sheer luck, I ended up on Steven’s website and requested a call back.  From my first conversation with Steven, it was evident that he genuinely cared about whether I passed this exam or not.

Steven then created a very personalized schedule for me to begin almost immediately and even was courteous enough to modify the schedule when the bar exam was moved from September to October (with only 90 minutes’ notice before our next meeting!).  Moreover, every time I talked to him in our meetings, he made sure I was doing okay and not burning myself out.  Just his tone of voice and the way he speaks to you has a calming effect that is really essential during the dark days of bar prep.

Thanks to his personalized schedule, essay/PT grading process, along with his detailed comments, I was able to drastically improve my essay/PT writing skills. Additionally, Steven’s WINNIN’ TIME! book along with the other materials he sends you helped me really simplify and understand the law.

Steven helped me generate as much points as possible and he really does an amazing job in helping you realize that passing is possible and guides you step by step.

I could not be happier with Steven’s services and I would highly recommend his services to anyone getting ready for their first bar exam or to a lost repeater like me. – Southwestern Law Grad, Esq., passed the October 2020 Cal Bar Examination

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