Published On:   July 4, 2020

Knowing that my chances of passing the CA Bar the 1st time were even lower than most applicants since I attended an unaccredited online law school, I fortunately came across Steven’s website as I considered hiring a tutor. He fit me in as a new student and promptly sent me the WINNIN’ TIME! book. As I skimmed it, I realized I had struck gold. The book alone would have been worth the cost of tutoring for me as it became my “Bible” in the months and weeks prior to the July 2017 exam.

Once we started meeting; however, I realized the feedback on the essays and PTs were also very useful as they were specific and showed me things which happily developed into “lightbulb,” or “AHA” moments. Even carefully reviewing a model answer can’t compare with hearing why you missed an issue or why you sometimes must repeat arguments for each issue (i.e. BOTH parties may be repudiating or I should discuss duty of loyalty for ALL offenses)….

My knowledge started deepening and I knew, even though Steven is quite direct and was sometimes a bit short responding to my questions, that this type of feedback was just what I needed. Following the tutoring, I then shifted to Barbri at Santa Clara Univ., but kept using my WINNIN’ TIME! book as I took notes. I felt I had a “secret” that would ensure my success, and was confident enough to even recommend Steven and my book to several fellow applicants.

On that note, I also truly believe that if my online law school classmates hired Steven, or at least would avail themselves of WINNIN’ TIME!, the school’s pass rate would go up considerably. Although the program is a hefty financial investment, you came this far, so isn’t it worth not having to wait another 6 months not to mention the hours of studying? I’m SO thankful I’m Done at One!!!

In conclusion, if you’re a sensitive person, brace yourself a bit but remember the prize. You won’t be coddled, but then again that’s not how you will improve. I recommend Steven and WINNIN’ TIME! wholeheartedly. It was my “secret” to success but I want to share it with you, especially if you went the nontraditional path as I did. If you didn’t, then maybe it’s not fair for you to use Steven! Seriously though, why make it harder on yourself when Steven has figured out the keys to CA bar success? — Jennifer (last name withheld at applicant’s request), Esq., passed the July 2017 California Bar Examination

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