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Watch This 69-Second Video To Save Precious Time On Your Bar Review

I can save you hours (per subject!) in your bar exam review with my self-guided courses.

My one-on-one, bespoke tutoring slots are all full for the upcoming bar season. BUT, I spent tons of hours during the lockdown developing a comprehensive course to make sure that you can crush the bar exam right away!

Comprehensive Bar Exam Courses start at just $1,000
Individual substantive law lectures are only $150 per subject

Ready to Pass the Bar?
21+ years of teaching
experience at your fingertips!
Each year, I have a very limited number of private tutoring slots available, so I spent the past year developing these online courses to help as many people as possible.
Options For California, UBE, and MBE
Efficient, Focused, Substantive Law.

What could you do with an extra few hours… per subject?!? As a 21+ year law professor and a private bar tutor for nearly 1,000 students, I wanted to focus on helping as many people pass the bar as possible. While I couldn’t split myself in parts, I could spent countless hours recording and developing the content. So, I did. My courses and books will save you time and teach you how to dominate the bar exam. See what other people are saying below or on my Testimonials page. You won’t be disappointed.


Online Virtual Courses

I’ve bundled my courses together to cover everything you’ll need to pass the California Bar Exam. I also have put together entire coursees for the MBE and UBE, as well. In fact, you can even secure single subject courses if you need help during any semester!

But, in the end, I know you got here because you need help with the Bar Exam and that is exactly what these courses are designed to do. From Civ Pro to Property, Evidence to Remedies, each subject is covered in great detail, but at nearly half the time of any other virtual course. How? I’ve been teaching this content for 21+ years in California. It doesn’t need to be superfluous and we all know it. Get focused, get my course, and pass the test.

Online Courses Available to Crush the California Bar Exam

Looking to brush up on specific topics because you already have a handle on the big picture? No worries, take a look at the individual courses, and a CA-specific course that focuses on Ag, Corps, Community Property, PR, Remedies, and Wills/Trusts.

California Bar Books

Winnin’ Time and The Trigger List are my Bar-Bustin’ Resources that have helped thousands of students defeat the Bar Exam. By guiding you to specific issues and teaching you how to spot them, you’ll be prepared like never before. The Trigger List, for example, is a compreehensive attack plan to identify triggers.

These books will fundamentally change how you think about your upcoming Bar Exam. You’ll be generating points in no time, outlining like a seasoned pro, and ultimately moving forward in your legal career, as you intend to. Secure your future by supporting your present with focused guidance from these books.

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