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Law school wasn’t designed to be easy, but some students have a relatively harder time navigating the issues intrinsic to a legal education.

You want to provide them with concrete, usable, step-by-step guidance, but how do you find the time and resources to mentor each individual student?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you.

Whether it’s a first year student struggling to survive or a third year prepping for the California Bar exam, I provide a comprehensive guide to help students get their career off on the right foot.

Winnin' Time + Trigger List
Helping students defeat the California Bar every season by providing the most valuable tool for your California Bar Exam Prep
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“I really wish I had the WINNIN’ TIME! book when I was a 1L”
Steven Harris was my number one cheerleader throughout the entire bar prep process, but he never sugar-coated anything, which is exactly what a repeat taker needs. The WINNIN’ TIME! book was a lifesaver, and the mnemonics – as crazy as they were – actually worked for memorization purposes. I really wish I had the WINNIN’ TIME! book when I was a 1L, but you can’t win ‘em all! (Pun intended). And most importantly, Steven’s memorization plan for the bar was essentially flawless. Thanks, Steven!

2015 Irvine Grad, 2nd timer, passed the February 2016 California Bar Examination

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Every Step Of the Way

We’ve all heard it before:

  • 1st year students are scared to death.
  • 2nd year students are worked to death.
  • 3rd year students just don’t care.

My books and online tutoring program are designed to meet each of these students right where they are, at every step of the way.

1L students need concrete, step-by-step advice for surviving their first semester in law school. (Spoiler alert: It really is just about survival!)

For 2L students, I can provide that last-minute life preserver to help them stay above water.

And for those 3L students who’ve developed a lot of bad habits (and perhaps found themselves in over their heads), I can get them straightened out and ready to tackle the bar exam.

The question you need to ask yourself is: When do you want your students to succeed?

I can help them all now.

I can help students at any stage of law school.
When law students are struggling, I have a plan.
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I Give Students a Leg Up

As we lawyers like to say: Equity is equality.

Recognizing our inherent limitations, obstacles, and set-backs is necessary if we are to create a truly level playing field.

Although it’s available to everyone, my one-on-one tutoring program was practically made for people who need that extra bit of assistance. The students in your Legal Education Opportunity Program will breathe easier knowing that they have the internal and external resources they need to succeed. First generation college grads. Students who are returning to school after a decade or two (or more) in the working world. Students with disabilities. Students who majored in English or Philosophy who can uncork creative, 10-line sentences but need to adapt to a brief, streamlined structure.

Separately, over the past 21 years, I have helped tutor students with a range of physical and learning disabilities, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, physical disabilities in the hands, and more.

California Bar Prep Books

Tutoring not for you? Looking for more of a self-help solution to passing the bar? These two books have helped hundreds of students succeed in their bar exam journey. Why not you?

Whether you're a university admin or a school organization, you want to see your students succeed.
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I Can Help You, Too!

I can help at virtually every stage—from the first day of law school to the day before the bar exam. But your students don’t want to wait until the last minute to finally feel in control.

Whether they admit to it or not, all of your law students are thinking about the bar exam.

They have questions, concerns, and downright curiosity about a test that can basically make or break their entire law career. And yet, at most of the nation’s top law schools, the bar exam is a taboo subject.

My view is simple: a prepared student is a passing student. And ultimately, isn’t that what you want?

High passing rates not only help your students’ lives, they help your organization as well. Whether you’re the Office of Student Services or an unofficial club, don’t you want to be associated with students who not only passed the bar, but crushed it?

Bar Tutoring
Steps to Success

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

My process helps struggling students start that journey off on the right foot.

Both my individual tutoring programs are the perfect choice for one-on-one guidance, but my books, WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List, can be used at any time by students of any level.

Your students deserve a road map on the journey to success. Give it to them.

Start your law students off right!

Don’t Be 3 Years Too Late

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If you are ready for a whole new approach to California Bar Exam Tutoring, customized to your life, Steven is waiting to speak with you. First-time? Repeater? Difficulty Learning? Scheduling Conflicts? No problem. Let’s pass this test!