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So You Made It Through Your First Semester Of Law School…

The first semester of law school is a major culture shock, no matter what size undergraduate school you’re coming from or how long you’ve been planning to become a lawyer.

Every semester of law school counts toward your ultimate goal of passing the bar, so it’s important not to let your foot off the gas now that you’re coming up on semester number two.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered the study patterns that helped and hurt you most in your first semester so that you can utilize that information going forward. 

Look back on how you took notes during class, what readings helped you most, and when your outlines were helpful or not, and use that information to push you forward in your second semester.

Some students enter their first semester with a plan of how they will study and work, and some let the class schedule guide their study pattern. Whichever method you chose for the first semester, your second semester is the time to make yourself a set study, reading, and outline schedule going forward.

Keep yourself on track because your third year and the bar exam will be here before you know it, and finding your best study and learning patterns early will be most beneficial in the long run. 

Calweasel Webinar
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Calweasel Webinar
Why I Want To Save You Time
(Hint: To use that time more Effectively)

Calweasel’s goal is to give people the one-on-one, custom tutoring help they need regarding the bar exam, essay writing, and more. 

Steven Harris, Esq. is a graduate of UC Hastings School of Law and has over 25 years of experience as a professor at major universities. 

Our Webinars expand on our bar exam tutoring program by giving advice to law school students at all levels, opening the floor for more questions, and helping you prepare for everything law school throws your way. 

The webinars are all completely free, and the schedule is as follows:

  • January 2023: What To Do After Your First Semester of Law School
  • April 2023: Getting Ready for Finals + Prep for the Upcoming Bar
  • August 2023: Get the Answers Three Years Early, Prepare to Succeed in Law School and on the Bar
  • October 2023: Midterms, Calendar, Outlining, and February Bar Prep

As someone with firsthand experience of failing the bar, I know how challenging that can be. I’ve made it my mission to help new law school students start off on the right foot and put them on a path to success as early in their law career as possible.

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Calweasel January Webinar
What’s Covered In Our January Webinar?

If you’ve just finished your first semester of law school and you’re feeling overwhelmed, Calweasel is here to help. We’re offering four completely free webinars in 2023 aimed at helping law students in their first and second years prepare for the bar exam early so that when the time comes, you’re more than ready.

This first of these webinars takes place in January 2023, and it is all about what you learned in your first semester as a law student and what you can expect moving forward, particularly in that all-important second semester.

We’ll discuss how to evaluate your results from your first semester exams, analyze the best study patterns, how and when to write a solid outline, and more. This webinar will help you focus on what worked for you during your first semester and how you can improve even further as the second semester begins. 

You have a set number of days before you’ll be taking the bar exam, and each of these webinars is aimed at helping you prepare for that as early as possible. 

Begin your journey toward a successful bar exam today.

This is law school help you can’t afford to miss.

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What People Are Saying About My Bar Exam Strategies…

Devika Sagar, Esq.

I cannot endorse Steven Harris enough! He helped me pass the California Bar Exam on my first attempt. His style of teaching was very effective for my learning style and I appreciated his outlines. I have gone through many outlines and rule books but I have to say that Steven’s study materials were very well organized and made the most sense. The material was also organized in a way to help me easily memorize the rules prior to the exam. I remember opening up the first page of the essay portion of the exam and internally screaming “Yes! I got this!” There were moments during the tutoring process where I felt unsure and not confident that I had the ability to pass, but Steven reassured me and helped guide me on my weak points. Overall I’d say that the one-on-one guidance and attention during bar prep is unmatched and is extremely beneficial to passing the California Bar Exam on the first try!

Gabrielle Sue

Hi Professor. Not sure if you remember me, but I took your Critical Studies I class at UC Hastings in Fall 2021. I didn’t mention it at the time, but I was actually set to take the February 2022 exam, not the July exam like most folks in the class. Well, I just wanted to say THANK YOU because I got the results a few weeks ago and I passed. I know I don’t get the score breakdown, so it’s entirely possible that my MBE score had carried me, but I can’t help but think that taking your writing class allowed me to succeed. It definitely helped me jump into studying right away because I didn’t have to spend time learning what bar graders look for, or how to approach the PT. The Evidence Boilerplate came in handy on February’s test for sure, and I basically did all my PR rule memorization from your book. The boilerplate definitely helped for efficiency, but I also remembered the advice about time management–I was strict with my timing even on that essay, especially since the PT was in the same session. I’m so glad I decided to take your class!
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All law school journeys end with the Bar Exam, and there’s no such thing as preparing too early. That’s what these webinars are here to help you do. 

Join these free webinars to get expert advice every step of the way on your personal law school journey. All webinars are led by Steven Harris, Esq. a professor with more than 25 years of experience at top universities and more than 20 years of experience tutoring law students specifically for the Bar Exam. 

Take this opportunity to ask your questions about the best studying methods and more, and get access to plenty more resources. 

Your law career is there for the taking, so what are you waiting for?

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